Sunday, July 31, 2005

Continued with lecture #8 and watched another Stargate Epsiode

I continued with lecture #8 watching a half hour more of that lecture.

I also watched another episode this time #7 in the first season of Stargate. This episode was called Thor's Hammer. This is where there is a way (Thor's Hammer) of getting the Goa'uld worm out of the host. But Daniel must destroy the hammer device to save Tilk. And thus Daniel looses his first chance at saving his wife from the Goa'uld.

This paragraph above could be seen to be fan fiction on the Internet which I studied earlier today in David Bell's Introduction to Cyberculture

I have watched up to the break in lecture #19 now and other study tasks continue.

I have watched up to the break in lecture #19 now. This concerned judicial interpretation.

I also was able to complete the readings in the required sourcebook readings for lecture #14. I have about 11 lectures worth of required readings to go including two chapters in the first term source book. I have 8 chapters to read in the second term sourcebook.

I am off shift now in my volunteer work and will be doing my monthly back ups of computer files at midnight tonight. For now I can study for the next few hours.

I watched another episode of Stargate SG1. This was episode #7 called Cold Lazarus. I also started to explore on-line resources for the Stargate Sg 1 role playing game this afternoon.

I printed out last year's course outline for the intellectual property course given by professor Sheryl Hamilton. I started to search out the course reading list and found the first two week's worth of reading. I can borrow some of these readings from our library. I can use a course reserve for one reading. One reading is from Shift magazine which is no longer in existance. Another reading was from a journal available on-line and I downloaded it but did not print it yet.

I would also like to find in my messy office the readings I printed from last years policing and surveilance course so I can begin again the readings from that course. I should also look into borrowing or buying the professor George Rigakos's book which is a study of a private security company.

I also checked the school web site today for course schedules for statistics courses and outlines for legal studies courses.

I voted in the Association of Internet Researchers Executive elections.

I guess I have had the right to vote in the Canadian Mathematics Society elections for a few years now but have not voted yet there. This year one of my bosses at school was up for election in the mathematics society but I did not vote. I did just vote by email for the Association of Internet Researchers executive. I was not really too aware of who I was voting for and have never met any of these candidates in real life. I did read the grad student bios and then just voted on my perceived assessment of the other candidates activity on the email list for this organisation. I also based it on the participation that I am aware of in committees and other jobs that the candidates have done as volunteers. Well that is done back to the books.

Completed chapter 8 in David Bell's cyberculture book.

Chapter 8 in David Bell's book looks at subcultures. He divides for analysis sake the subcultures into subcultures using cyberspace and subcultures about cyberspace. The former include fan culture, and conspiracy culture and the neo-right. The later include MUDers, cyberpunks, hackers and neoluddites. These are just examples for all that are possible with much overlap and combinations possible. This is all interesting and something to think about especially when he ends suggesting we priorise our time spent on line so that we don't risk drowning in the data stream. This immense size of the Internet and time spent on-line are concerns of mine.

Completed watching lecture #7 last night and started lecture #8 for a second time.

I watched lecture #7 for a second time and have started to watch lecture #8 for a second time now.

Watching lecture #19 this morning.

I am watching lecture #19 this morning and will continue to watch it today.

Reading David Bell's book.

I managed to complete reading chapter 7 in David Bell's book introducing cyberculture. This chapter 7 was the bodies in cyberculture chapter and ended with a look at anatomy as digital representations of the human body. This is the so called virtual human or medical learning tools of digitising the appearance and anatomy of dead bodies.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Watching public law lectures this afternoon and this evening.

I am really reviewing the second quarter of my public law course now. I feel I have gone over the first quarter of the course enough now. I have seen the first six lectures once, or twice in the cases of the first four lectures. I have also read all the source book readings and many of the extra readings in the first six lectures. So now I start the next six and completed watching lecture #7 just now for a second time.

My legal studies in terrorism and coping continue.

I started reading this book today: Webel, Charles P. Terror, Terrorism, and the Human Condition (New York: Palgrave, 2004).

I feel confident that I have learned lectures #1-#6.

I now feel confident that I have learned lectures #1-#6 and am watching lectures #7 & #8 today and maybe lectures #9 and #10 today. These are my public law lectures at Carleton University.

I may be able to do my final review of the first term by the end of the weekend given that we have a long weekend in Canada.

I am keen to study today. I will start my public law lectures on the TV and attempt to study all day.

I have woken up on Saturday morning when I am usually just going to sleep. I will attempt to read books and watch lectures all day.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Recorded lecture #19 yesterday and watched 3 hours of lectures this morning.

I recorded but did not watch lecture #19. This morning when I got in from some socialising I watched some of lecture #4, #15, #9, and #6. I spent about three hours watching these lectures and took more notes than usual. I am feeling that I am ok with watching the lectures and do not need as much of a review of past lectures that I thought I needed. If I really had to review everything in the course I had thought needed reviewing yesterday, this would amount to 40 hours of TV watching. I don't think I need that much. Watching many of the lectures this morning made me realise I had seen these lecture already. But it does help me deepen my notes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My volunteer position has added responsiblity now.

I have been elected president of our peer to peer self help group. I have served on this board from 1999-2002 and again this past year. I have been vice-president before and treasurer. I was secretary this last year and this coming year I will be president. Hopefully in my term as presdient I can get us some more funding. I will continue to study mental health issues and keep providing knowledgable leadership to this group.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Reading about Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams.

I am reading Tom Burns' Community Mental Health Teams: A Guide to Current
(Oxford, UK: Oxford, 2004).

Tom Burns spent 10 years managing a generic community treatment team then 10
years managing an ACT team. He is a professor at Oxford University.

I spent the last four hours reading a few books and got chapter one of Tom
Burns book read. Here are some facts from chapter one to share with you.

Beside meds contributing to deinstitutionalisation also the welfare state
(i.e money to live outside the hospital) and various other societal
developments such as human rights have contributed to community living. Also
professional developments and the therapeutic community movement played a
role. Unlocked wards were developed in Britian in the late 1940's although
some these days in the early 2000's are going back to locked wards.

Italy outlawed mental health hospitals in 1978. Replaced them with community
health care teams.

It really goes in waves and each time we think we have the ideal thing.
Victorian hospitals were great in their day. Unshackling the insane was a
big move way back when. ECT was great in its day.

He pokes open and deepens my understanding of mental illness.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Completed grading the mid-terms.

Well I completed grading the mid-term papers now. I will now rest and then go to school for the labs later today. I will give the mid-terms back and receive the student's 4th lab for marking this week. I am also working 20 hours this week in security. I have a fair amount of time off of work this week too. I need to step up my own studies both of public law and other topics.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I got Q5 marked by 11:30, and will be working on Q1 from 12 to 1 AM.

This marking I do gets done in increments. Thus these posts accounting my progress question by question were formerly written only in my private pen and ink journal. I have been keeping various pen and ink journals since high school. I have one agenda book from high school which was an Economist yearbook. I also have pen and ink journals these days back to about 1994 in some sort or another. Since about 2003 I have kept my pen and ink journal on notebook paper in a standard binder and store them in a binder now putting them out of the active binder every time they are three months old.

Well I have only one Q and that is Q1 a simple standard deviation, mean calculation, and a box plot drawing with calculations to grade. Once this has been graded I will total marks and record them and print the marks in hard copy. I will start on this final Q in about ten minutes and I think it won't take more than one hour.

Finished marking Q4 and maybe I will get Q5 done by 11 PM.

Well I completed marking the poisson problem by 10 PM. Now I will mark Q5 and maybe get that done by 11 PM then Q1 done by midnight. Then I can go back to my own studies until 4 am.

Watched another Star Gate SG1 episode, "Brief Candle".

I watched another Star Gate SG1 espisode from the first season. I have now watched about 5 or 6 episodes plus the pilot episode and the movie. I am watching them almost perfectly in the correct order except for some very recent episodes watched with friends. We will create our characters this week on Wednesday but won't start playing until four weeks from now.

Almost done marking Q4. Hope to finish marking the mid-term by tomorrow early morning.

I have almost completed marking Q4 on the mid-term. Q4 is a poisson problem. I will complete Q4 by midnight then Q5 by 1 AM then go back to complete Q1 by 3 AM then record the marks and sleep.

I also have to pick and solve some problems for the other statistics course I am TA in. Then present these problems in tomorrow's tutorial.

Got to the 1.5 hour break in lecture #17 lecture tape.

I watched up to the break in lecture #17 now. I am not sure if I watched lecture #15 but have watched lectures's #13 & #14 and most of lecture #16. Lectures #13-#17 are the lectures on administrative law. The next lectures are on Charter law. This means I am about 9 hours through a possible 15 hours of the second term tapes. I will record lectures #19 & #20 this week bring the time up to 20 hours. I will also need to buy some more blank tapes for lectures #21-#24, this week or next weekend.

I did mark two Q's on the STAT2507 mid-term as planned.

I am up until 4 am as planned. I did get two questions graded for the statistics 2507 mid-term as planned today. I did not get all my TV watching done. I wasted some time surfing to buy things on ebay, airmiles, hbc and also looked into camping in Cuba. I did spend a little time thinking about my fall schedule and also accounting my August schedule. I put CUPE4600 activities in my agenda book, my TA work in my agenda book and my volunteer schedule for August.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Three Star Gate SG1 episodes in a row with feminist themes.

I am not even sure a younger person would notice that three episodes in a row in the first season of Star Gate SG1 had feminist themes. One involved women's place in society, one women and rape, and one controlling and abusive partners. I hope to watch two more episodes today or tomorrow.

Bayes rule question marked.

I just got the Bayes rule questions marked. I now only need to mark four more questions.

Started to watch lecture #17 and recorded lecture #18.

We are in the home stretch now. I have started today to watch lecture #17. I am also finishing up watching lecture #4 today. Tomorrow I will watch lecture #18.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I completed watching lecture #14 just now.

Ending with a summary of various government bodies and their functions and levels of functions and how they are controlled lecture #14 is now watched completely once. I have watched most of lecture #16 as well so am about a quarter of the way through viewing the second term's lectures now.

In terms of the professor's notes I have printed 20 of the 24 note sets and have reviewed lectures' notes #'s 1-9 carefully once. By the end of the week end I would like to have reviewed all the notes for the 20 lectures.

Of the 17 lectures broadcast so far I have about 6 watched sufficently with no more review needed. I have another 2 in the second term to watch plus today's which I will tape and watch later. And I have watched almost 4 completely twice in the first term with the rest watched a little or with distractions. I really need to start watching lectures #'s 5-10 carefully still.

Reading sent emails and union volunteering.

I spent about an hour reading emails I had sent in the last two weeks. This is post publishing proof reading. Everything seems ok.

I also did some union emails concerning our newsletter, and web site. With my more radical union I did a few emails about dues and also our literature supplies.

I will read a little before going to work for 12 hours today.

I plan to read a little about computers and also public law this morning. I will also push myself to read a little more of the advanced statistics books I have. I will also review some of the textbooks on statistics for the courses I am a teaching assistant for. I am working 12 hours today in unrelated work.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I worked hard on public law studies over night.

I managed to study and review the professor's notes for lectures #1 to #9. I had been meaning to do this before the final review to familerise myself with the basic concepts in the course and as exam preparation. I did not manage to watch the end of lecture #14 nor watch any of lecture #17. Lecture #18 will be broadcast tomorrow.

Reviewing professor's notes continues.

I have now reviewed lectures #5 and #6. I took some breaks and will now review lectures #7 and #8.

I received an email from Sheryl Hamilton.

I had emailed Sheryl Hamilton about her MA and why I found it to read in the sping. I corrected my reasons for finding her MA and choosing to read it, in yesterdays email and discussed my understanding of IP law and why I would find her course interesting. She emailed me back within one day and attached the course outline for LAWS3202 from last year. I read the basic rules in the outline carefully and then read the marking scheme carefully. These sections of the course outlines are often very similar from course to course in the law department. I did not read the weekly readings list that carefully but noted that the readings are all mostly recent writings and also that some come from Wired Magazine and involved Open Source stuff too. I also read her email carefully and replied to her on Wednesday after work. I am feeling relaxed studying overnight certainly academic work like studying is more relaxing than teaching and more relaxing than some of the other jobs I hold.

Studying pubic law over night.

I spent the last hour and a half studying public law. I watched more of lecture #14. I am just past the break now by about a quarter of an hour. After watching this lecture I read and reviewed the professors power point slides. I reviewed the first four lectures. I am now going to review the rest of the first term's notes from lecture #5 to lecture #12. I will then complete watching lecture #4 then watch lecture #17 which I recorded yesterday. This might take about 7 hours and I hope to be done by about 9 am.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I will study later on Thursday morning.

I was working 8 hours today with no time to study. I will study some after midnight tonight.

Sent some email to a couple of my law professors.

I just sent some emails to two law professors at Carleton University. In one email I let the professor know that I might be in her fall term course on intellectual property as my last law course in my BA. In the other email, I let my honours paper supervisor know my plans for the year and let him know I might ask him to be my MA supervisor in 2006-2007.

Still reading David Bell's book.

I woke and had more luck reading David Bell's book. It is the section on cyborgs that is slowing me down. One of our law professors wrote her MA thesis on cyborgs and feminism. She will be teaching an intellectual property course this coming fall term and I might study that but it is given on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 so might mean I would still be on an odd over night schedule for studies and work.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Web mastering for the school union.

I got in the right frame of mind to do some web mastering for the CUPE4600 web site. Which means I have had two pots of coffee in the last 9 hours and lack sleep. I posted our by-laws and constitution on the web site. I also updated an external link.

Read an article about judicial and non judicial controls of the government administration.

I was feeling a little sick being up 22 hours so rested a little. Then I continued reading and read the first article in chapter three of the second term source book for LAWS2005 my public law course. I tried reading about cyber culture today from David Bell's book but was too cynical or he was too shallow and too hyped on VR, and AI, etc. I did complete reading the introduction to the biotechnology lectures book from the Arab world. I need to print some lecture slides later this morning then sleep for work early tomorrow morning in my non-academic job.

Read about writing and addictions

I read a chapter of a book on writing and addictions. The author of this chapter is addicted to reading she says. This is of course incorrect in that she misinterprets addiction to write her story which is really about books she likes to read by addict writers and also the brief and cynical history of alcohol in Alberta. This history jumps into her writing in regular paragraphs. She uses three alternating paragraphs in her chapter. One as I said is a cynical look at Alberta and its prohibition period, the other paragraphs are her own reading of addict's fiction and the other is her exploration of her own possible addictions and generally the topic of addiction. These last paragraphs are where she is basically incorrect but still cynical.

Here is her bibilographic cite: Aritha van Herk Ladies and Escorts in Szabados Bela & Probert, Kenneth, G. eds. Writing Addictions: Towards a Politics of Desire and Its Others (Regina, Sask.: Canadian Plains Research Center, 2004).

School schedule 2005-2006.

I worked on picking courses for next year. I could have a two statistics course schedule this fall. I will wait on multivariant analysis until grad school. I might study time series this fall in statistics and/or stochastic processing and queuing theory. In law courses there are a few choices most fourth year course except for intellectual property which is a third year course. I considered studying the business enterprise frameworks course which would let me study corporate crime in the winter. For fourth year seminars this term coming up the fall term I have about 6 choices. There is a justice theories course, and a contraversies in rights course. There are courses in criminal law on sentencing, police, and aboriginals for the three criminal law courses. Then finally there is an environmental law course concerning groups and the environmental law making process. The courses I am keen on are the policing course and the intellectual property course but would also like the justice theories course and the environmental law course.

Getting back into reading academic books overnight.

I read a little Petra Kelly on political parties. I also started a book on Ethiopian cities and the state of these cities. I also read the beginning of Weinberger, Shmuel. Computers, Rigidity, and Moduli (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, 2005). I also starting reading the introduction to The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research. Biotechnology and the Future of Society: Challenges and Opportunities (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, 2004).

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I am getting this marking done.

I am doing ok with the marking. I am half way through the one courses tests and then need to mark some 4 Q's on the other courses mid-term. The mid-term does not need to be marked by tomorrow but the other test does need to be marked by tomorrow. That's the one I am half way through. I want to get three quarters of the way through before going to sleep tonight.

Got a little marking done this morning.

I got a little more marking done this morning. I should do more before the day is over. I should also study some lectures today.

Read chapter 2 in the 2nd term source book.

I had some quiet time at work to read chapter two of the second term source book. I have about two chapters to read still in the first term source book but have started the second term source book now. I hope to have these both read my early August before the exam.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I watched most of lecture #16 as it was being broadcast.

I watched most of lecture #16 as it was being broadcast. It was about judical review of administrative decisions.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Learning the basics of administrative law.

Lecture #14 starts the teaching of administrative law. I am about half an hour through this lecture now and should watch another half an hour tonight. I also successfully recorded lecture #15 this past Wednesday morning. I will be watching about 7 hours of lectures before I work again in security work on Friday night.

I marked a multiple choice mid-term.

I marked a multiple choice mid-term. This was not as difficult as the more advanced or probablistic course I am a teaching assistant in this summer. I can easily solve all the questions on the mid-term I gave last night. Marking a multiple choice test might always be easy. I double checked some answers too and I agree with the marking scheme. I am getting to know the students and chat with when off duty. In general school is a very positive experience for me right now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I completed watching lecture #13 just now.

I completed watching lecture #13 just now and am starting on lecture #14.

I think I started a flame war on Usenet

I was reading and got mad at a few things. I ignored the first thing namely some guy who posts tens of posts a day about nothing. I replied to some posts and added some useful content. Then I read some story about a disAbled teen being misunderstood and kept in US jail after having trouble communicating at the border. While this injustice would make me mad it was really a characterization of disAbled people in jail as extremely violent that made me respond. I ended up cross posting, a no no. Oh well I did then get some positive feedback about a study plan. The plan is to spent less time on the Internet amongst other time wasters. So I quit my email and Usenet.

I should sleep now. I completed reading chapter 9 in the spring term source book and started chapter 10. This is for lectures #7 and #8.

I did give labs and gave advise to students for the mid-term. I also gave a test. I tried to relax the students more this time and they seemed to complete more work on the test. I need to mark these tests this week. I told my boss that computer crime has intersections for law and statistics. She said computer crime is interesting just like one statistics professor told me in an email about four years ago when she said computer tinkering is interesting.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Got my marking done and got some more work booked.

I completed marking STAT2507 assignment #3 about an hour ago. I will give this class two labs tonight and then they have their mid-term this Wednesday. I am also giving a test tonight for the other statistics class. I will mark these two tests over the next week. I booked a fair amount of security work for the next three weeks about 54 hours total. I also wrote a resume and cover letter for working as a law teaching assistant and will drop that off at the law department this afternoon before working over in the math department. Things are going well and I have some time this afternoon to upload the Suzuki lectures to my PSP so I can listen to them today. I have tomorrow off of work but can mark tomorrow and get caught up on the LAWS2005 course work.

Downloaded a David Suzuki lecture as an mp3.

From David Suzuki spoke recently at the National Farmers Union Convention held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He spoke about biotechnology. I just downloaded his lecture as mp3 files. The mp3's were provided by

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Reading about e-commerce

I am more than half way through a business book on e-commerce. The book is Adams, Gerald F, The E-Business Revolution & The New Economy (Mason, Ohio: South-Western, 2004).

Reading about the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms.

I started chapter 9 in the first term source book. This chapter concerns the Constitution Act 1982. I also completed chapter 1 in the second term source book and started chapter 2 in the second term source book. I should be reading more of these today and also watching lectures 13 and 4.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Completed watching lecure #3.

I finished lecture #3 which ends with a brief look at the early history of English legal Canada. Next I will watch lecture #4. I will also complete watching lecture #13 and start lecture #14. I would hope to get all this watching done by the end of the weekend. I did grade two minitab questions this morning. I will grade the rest of the minitab early Saturday morning and then grade the other two textbook statistics questions on Sunday. I will save Monday for any left over grading. I need to give the STAT3502 students a test on Monday. On Wednesday I will help give the STAT2507 students a mid-term test. Then I will be marking these tests over the next weekend but also working in security at a different time next weekend.

Almost completed watching lecture #3.

I have a few more minutes to watch in lecture #3 and this is my second time watching this lecture and this is my studying for the exam. For a week before the exam I will read the professor's power point slides. I did a fair amount of the extra reading for the first spring term. I am getting started on the required reading for the second summer term.

I spent some time this morning reading some more of Daniel Bell's Introduction to Cyberculture. I completed the chapter on identities in cyberspace this morning. Class and cyberspace figures in macintosh ownership.

I surfed the school course schedule for next year and looked at available courses in math, philosophy, sociology as well as reviewing the schedule for statistics courses.

Watching the terrorism news and my lectures.

I am not much moved by the terrorism news today. I did call some security officals to see what I could do to help. I also discussed the issue with a community volunteer. We were discussing the differences between threats and conspiracies. I recalled speaking in a public lecture about paranoia as a sick form of politics building on my experiences of jealously and schizophrenia. The world may be a violent place but it certainly doesn't need to be seen that way. I have been studying Petra Kelly's writings on erotica and also will study her non-violence and protest writing this weekend. I also have been reading a study about victims of terrorism. I have been a little more relaxed and played dungeons and dragons last night successfully. I have been watching my public laws lectures slowley getting through lecture #3 and now the newest lecture #13. Lecture #14 will be broadcast on Friday at 1:30.

Getting studies organised.

I am getting my studies organised. The 2005-2006 schedule of courses being given is now available. I put the schedule of almost all third and fourth year law courses in my little paper agenda book. Along side these I put the advanced statistics courses I am interested in. I did this on Wednesday and just last night picked a schedule for next year. While studying Alan Hunt a professor at my school I though perhaps that legal studies and a legal studies MA might be the best direction for my future. Thus my schedule could change allowing me to study other types of courses like sociology or political science or philosophy. I also considered studying extra legal studies courses. I am going to read the calendar a bit now as my reading of school books is slowing down a bit this morning.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reading a federalism case about marine pollution.

I had considered law studies in the middle 1980's because of my concerns about the environment and my goals in green politics. Today I am reading a case about marine pollution and the Federal governments law concering dumping. The Supreme court in this case found generally that pollution was a federal concern.

I also received Petra Kelly's book and read the last chapter of it concerning erotica. It seem she also finds dialogue on the left lacking about some personal topics in this case erotica. I am concerned that personal needs including mental health are not talked about enough on the left and thus we loose some important activists due to their suicides. Petra Kelly was murdered by her lover apparently. But reading these books now sugggests they were both killed by their enemies in an assassination.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Getting back into reading academic books overnight.

I read five books while on break from marking. I know more about cyberculture now and the basics of French post-modern cultural theory. I also know more about Silicon Valley North from a business and success perspective. I also know a little bit more about some philosophical foundations of human rights now. I also know more about uncertain input and how and why to use the worse case scenario method. I need to read much more about this for statistics graduate school. I also know more about my school and graduate school from reading the school calendars. I also watched more public law lectures. I also know a little bit more about the iBook now. I bought an iBook which might arrive by UPS delivery this coming week. I believe in a beautiful computer world. I guess it was another 24 hours of advanced study.

I worked long hours this morning on my teaching assistant work.

I managed to mark some assignments and one test this morning. I just completed 48 hours of volunteering on call this morning at 8 am. I am working tomorrow for 5 hours. I also have a volunteer meeting in the morning. I also have a volunteer meeting on Tuesday too. I could also go to another volunteer gig's orientation session on Tuesday evening. Then on Wednesday I have a lecture but no work or volunteer duties. Then Thursday I can take a day off. Then Friday I have lecture again. Then I am back on over night hours for the weekend. I will have to mark another assignment by next Monday.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Studying lecture #3 today.

We are covering Max Weber a little at the start of this lecture. I will watch this lecture and then watch lecture #4. I hope to get this done by Monday. I am waiting to hear about my essay mark. I should be able to pick this up at the CUTV centre in a couple of weeks.