Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working with SAS programming

I have moved out of school for now. I have made many work place associates. I work hard at work like I did in school. I tend to code long 100 line or more programs in the SAS computer language for work. I learned this language at school in my statistics degree. I have come to know many SAS Press authors in the last two years. I have met these authors at the annual user conference. I was tempted to write a book myself for SAS Press and started this project last year.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Studying more about data gathering and taking a part time job in coding text drawn down from the net.

I have been reading a bit about qualitative interviewing which may come before focus groups. I have read a few other books on data gathering from human subjects in the past few years. I have not read a great deal about this yet.

I started training tonight for some work in text analytics. I am being possibly employed to code or classify text coming from popular Internet sites. I am not sure this job will work out.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Technology moves forward.

Technological evolution is based on good solutions. A new technology offers a better solution. Business improvement, statistical process improvement all of these move us to a new technology that does the job better. So we use the better technology. This is the counter argument to the idea that technology is capricious or a fad object or a fetish symbol. I learned this reading
Jacques Ellul The Technological Society, (New York: Vintage 1967).
This book also describes how technology will run over traditional societies and religions.
This post is for my course in e-learning and digital technology on coursera a new learning technology. #edcmooc.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blogging my studies in a coursera course on learning.

I just watched the first film in a new course I started today. The course is on e-learning and digital culture. The hash tag for the course is #edcmooc. The film showed the TV arriving from the sky to a primitive tribe. This in the course represents a technology. Thus I feel we are situated in the living room. Then another new technology to comes along that looks like a computer and it blue screens and dies and the film is over. My thoughts? Some people really enjoy TV. Some people really enjoy computers. There is a lot more technology behind these living room technologies. I am not sure now if living rooms are driving our technological progress or if living room technology is a side product of technologies uses in other parts of society. A TV is not just a box of electronics. There is at least a TV camera somewhere else.