Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I didn't really read or study yesterday. I am working 9 hours today and I won't be able to study at work today. I read some of a paper on human factors in design. This paper is inspiring me to sign up for an on-line ergonomics course at our local community college. I read a history of certain workplace injuries this summer. The new computer desk is an ergonomic solution.

Things have been quiet in the IWW union over the holidays. I need to research some sister union web sites for CUPE4600 before next Tuesday. I should be able to do that tomorrow or tonight or on Friday or Thursday late at night. I am also working on New Years day and Saturday night shift.

Monday, December 29, 2003

I am cleaning up my office a bit and adding another computer desk I found in the trash.
I finished reading Becker, H. K. & Becker, D. L. Community Policing: The US Experience in McKenzie, I. K. & Bull R., ed. Criminal Justice Research, Inspiration, influence and ideation (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2002) pp. 159-187. It seems Chicago has gotten fully behind the concept of community policing. I know Ottawa has community police centres and I have visited these centres on a few occassions.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

What does the word contention mean? Is contention protest? Is it conflict? Is it debate? Is it questioning authority? Is it questioning one's parents? Thus is it anti-parentalistic? Yes, it is all these things for me.

Is the sociological outlook of Durkeim against psychological and Darwinistic explanations. I think it is. Occupations and work are not psychological but in fact they are one social fact one social variable in the equations of life.

I completed Chapter 5 in What's Wrong with Addiction?. This chapter was about eating disorders. This book is written from an ethical relativist perspective. It is also full of post-modernist sociological language as well as biological facts even if these are all in contention.

Friday, December 26, 2003

I am still reading school books. I have read about 90 pages of my LAWS4204 case book now. This is the first month's readings. I am also using some of the school's on-line forums.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I bought the case book for next term's course LAWS4204 and have been reading it the past three days. I have read the readings up to and including the second week's readings for this course.

I participated in nominating our Green Party candidate and was on the nightly news at this public meeting. I brought my new 2004 criminal code pocket version with me to the meeting.

I have been enjoying reading the outlines for this coming term's fourth year and third year law courses. I am sticking with LAWS4204 ecommerce legal issues and LAWS4307 medical issues in criminal law for the winter term. I might take a course in risk and liability for volunteers but maybe Kung Fu instead.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I wrote my exam and had some luck studying for one question concerning statutory regulations. I may have had a lot of things wrong on this exam. This is a first for me in law. I have usually been right about things in my recent five year old studies of law.

I read some more of the small book for LAWS2003. I read about contracts, and torts in that book.

I borrowed a book on Offender Assessment, which I will report on later during the holidays.

Today I started and am almost finished reading Johnston, L., Reinventing Governance: The Case of Private Policing in McKenzie, I. K. & Bull R., ed. Criminal Justice Research, Inspiration, influence and ideation (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2002) pp. 135-158. This is interesting as I am a private security officer so this book relates to my work.

I finished reading McKenzie, I. K., Beyong Behaviourism: Police Culture Revisted in McKenzie, I. K. & Bull R., ed. Criminal Justice Research, Inspiration, influence and ideation (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2002) pp.53-77, this monrning and must say this was a difficult read and rather boring as the author believes in psychology.

I attended the math department Christmas Lunch. I gave the office a Christmas card and also gave one to the Paul Menton centre at school.

I did some volunteering at city hall on city roads and accessibility. I also volunteered a little with the green party as we prepare to nominate our candidate for the next federal election.

I am also reading a book on safety which also relates to my work. The book was written in Germany, so the English is not perfect.

I saw a book on sale today at the school book store on TRUE BASIC and might buy it if I can get to the book store after the holidays and it is still there. I have some ideas on studying the BASIC language to a greater extent than I know it now. It may seem outdated but TRUE BASIC apparently allows the use of object oriented programming.

Monday, December 15, 2003

I got my final grade for LAWS4305. I did great with that course.

I did very little study for LAWS3205 this morning. But I did reread my last four major papers.

I finished the paper describing a query software written in prolog for searching MATHML that is math XML files on the web.

STAT4501 will be tough this winter if I do decide to take it.

Today was a busy day for academic email. I got three emails from professors. I also got a survey and completed it on the web for the University of Helsinki magazine.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

After this mornings studies I have been reading the paper for the past weeks issues and doing some programming related studies in probability. I have not been doing any law studies for about 8 hours now.
I made lists of all the articles, cases and Acts covered for our final exam in LAWS3205. The exam is on Wednesday the 17th of December, this coming Wednesday. Later today at 12 noon other students are meeting at the school's library to study. I will be there and bring this list on my laptop and as a floppy or printout with three copies I made notepad files for these lists so I can add them to my Palm...Palm in exam room not me! But read it on the train? Yes, siree!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I borrowed three books on Probability. I read the first chapter of one of them and started the second chapter. With one of the others I scanned the table of contents and compared it to the outline for STAT4501.

After talking with my brother and father I may only study law courses this winter. Then this summer I will study first year sociology. Then next year two second year sociology courses one in research the other in famous sociologists and their theories. Then I will take the summer off in 2005. Then in 2005-2006 I will complete LAWS3907 and another LAWS4xxx along with SOCI4xxx or SOCI5xxx courses. Then in 2006-2007 I will complete more SOCI upper year courses and be done in June 2007. At least that is one plan.

Friday, December 12, 2003

I borrowed two books about consumer credit from the library. One is from the Saskatchewan Law Reform Commission. I also have a book out about the theory of class actions.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I borrowed a number of books before my union survey research meeting. One article I read tonight was Heumesser, B. D., et al,. An Information System for Retrieving and Reasoning about XML-based Mathematical Knowledge, in ed. Bai F, and Wegner, B., Electronic Information and Communications in Mathematics, ICM 2002 International Satellite Conference, Beijing China, August 2002, Revised Papers. LNCS 2730

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Mathieu réussir à examen. Peter réussir à examen. My French is simple. No?

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I completed reading chapters 10,18,19, and 21. So I have read all the required readings for the LAWS3205 exam.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I read more of chapter 3 in Bridging the Digital Divide this morning. This covered a survey of community technology centres and the findings of that survey. It seems some of these CTC's have ceased to exist as they only provided cheap internet access. Those that survived developed training programs and content. I think with the NCF the content is lagging behind the ideals that the people like me involved would like to see. It is not frequently updated and like www.flora.org suffers from mid nineties idealism. Only the commerical directories and hangouts seem to have survived with updated content. Volunteers must do more.

I completed reading the case of Lloyds Bank Ltd. v. Bundy (1974) 3 All E.R. 757 (C.A.) yesterday morning. This morning I read Harry v. Kreutziger (1978), 95 D.L.R. (3d) 231 (B.C.C.A.)

I read a fellow worker's paper on F.B.I. counter intelligence programs that targetted radical groups in the 1960's and 1970's.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

My course choices as of this morning for next term are:

GEOG 3105 [0.5 credit] (formerly 45.315*)
Climate and Atmospheric Change
The global climate system, with emphasis on global change variability over the historical and modern periods; the changing composition of the atmosphere and its impact on climate; analysis and interpretation of climatic and atmospheric data; modeling of climate systems.

STAT 4501 [0.5 credit] (formerly 70.451*)
Probability Theory
Introduction to probability, characteristic functions, probability distributions, limit theorems.

LAWS 4204 [0.5 credit]
Legal Issues in eCommerce
An examination of selected legal topics relevant to the conduct of electronic commerce. Topics include types of regulation, government support, jurisdiction challenges, contract disputes and consumer protection. Court and alternative dispute resolution policy of Domain Names challenges are also included.

LAWS 4307 [0.5 credit] (formerly 51.437*)
Medical Criminal Law Issues
Legal-medical issues, conflicts and relationships in the field of social control. Topics include mental disorder and criminal liability, diversion of offenders to civil commitment in hospital, insanity, automatism, fitness to stand trial, prediction of dangerousness, regulation of psychoactive drugs

I will only be studying two of the above 4 courses. I need to choose which ones.

I applyed to work as TA again next term.
I wrote an article about blogs for a community mental health consumer newsletter just now.
I started to read the first reading in chapter 21 of the course textbook for LAWS3205. This is the last chapter in the textbook covered on the exam.

We are covering chapters 10, 15-19, & 21 on the exam. I have read chapters 15-17 as of today. I have also read parts of chapter 10 and parts of chapter 18. Also a large part of chapter 19 we do not need to read. That is the Law Society Act. So Basically I have to complete reading chapters 10 &18, read a case in chapter 19 and read chapter 21 for the exam.

I just read the Courts of Justice Act (1990), R.S.O, 1990, c. C43, ss. 22-33.1, as am. by R.S.O. 1994, c. 12, s. 13. I thought of becoming a Deputy Judge and the standard I would would have to hold. I also think the knowlege level for this job would have to very high and involved. This act in these sections describes disciplinary realities for these deputy judges.

This Act will not be covered on the exam for LAWS3205.

I updated my resume on my Crystal Computing personal web space.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I am going to a ceremony with the Mayor tomorrow to give an award for the best accessibility design to an architect. I might not go after all.
The newsletter was printed and reformatted by fellow workers. My wife and I played songs and read poems at the union party. We had a copy of the newsletter on every table at the folk cafe.
My term work is over as a TA. I don't have to mark finals. Today is a day off. I am though getting ready to start studying for my final exam in LAWS3205.

Monday, December 01, 2003

I completed reading the second chapter in Lisa J. Servon, Bridging the Digital Divide, Technology, Community and Public Policy (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2002). I started chapter three about community technology centres which the NCF is. The second chapter was about Internet demographics.
I completed recording and marking the MATH0107 tutorial and emailed the professor the grades. I am going to school this morning to give him all the students work and a hardcopy of the marks.

I have my last LAWS3205 class today and the professor promised it would be short. Today we cover consumer organisations.

I will try to drop by Professor Billig's office of see about studying MATH4809 this winter. I would take this course with two algonquin courses in information security.