Friday, September 30, 2005

Recording lecture

I am recording lecture #3 today or Thursday night's lecture from my criminal law course.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Major school future decison made with my brothers advice. Stress break begins.

I asked my brother for help deciding my grad school program. He did offer advice which I have now followed for today. I dropped my stochastic processing and queuing theory course so only have the one law course to study. I did get a refund of the fees. This fee money will pay for another law course this winter. I will not be able to get a student bus pass now with the reduced course load but I will have more time to either work or stay at home and read this term. I will prepare to study legal studies at the master of arts level next year. For now I have a reduced study load thus a major stress break has been implemented.

I wrote up one problem from my assignment in Maple.

I am allowed to apply to the Biostatistics M.Sc for next year. Based on this positive news I renewed my effort on my stochastic processes and queuing theory course. I wrote up the first problem in our first asssignment using the symbolic algebra software Maple. I used Maple 7 and worked for about half an hour to get my solution written up and now printed out. I want to work on three more problems this morning. I also want to write up the second problem in Maple but it is not solved yet.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I may take a lighter course load this fall and take time off studies this winter.

I am having diffculty with my statistics homework. I could drop the course now and get the fee money back. I have only two days to decide and still get the money. This is sort of a reaction to my confidence levels with math as apposed to statistics because the homework I am trying to do is very math like with integrals and derivatives. Oh well I worked for an hour and half on this one homework problem now I will take a break. I started one problem and met a snag where I will need a trick to continue and solve the problem. Maybe this is a matter of a methodology approach issues rather than a pass/fail and therefore avoid/approach problem. If I drop this course it will not affect my present program in legal studies but would affect my chances of going to grad school in statistics next year. I would be down to only one course and only be on campus for two days a week and both days in the evenings. I don't think it would affect my work at school either. The refund would pay for one course this winter. Or I could take the winter off freshly graduated by spring and follow the advice of a few law professionals who think I should try working in the real wortd.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Reading about ebusiness.

I am almost finished this book Adams, F. Gerard. The e-business revolution & the new economy : e-conomics after the dot-com crash (Mason, Ohio : Thomson/South-Western, 2004).

Friday, September 23, 2005

These are the library books I borrowed last night for my criminal law and the political processes course.

Barber, Benjamin R. Jihad vs. McWorld (New York: Times Books, 1995).
Belknap, Michal R. American Political Trials (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1981).
Christenson, Ron. Political trials : Gordian Knots In the Law (New Brunswick, NJ : Transaction, 1999).
Gigantès, Philippe. Power & Greed : A Short History of the World (New York: Carroll & Graf, 2002).
Kennedy, Robert F., Thirteen Days; A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis (New York: W. W. Norton, 1969).
Kennedy, Robert F. To Seek a Newer World (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1967).
McNaught, Kenneth, Bercuson, David J. The Winnipeg Strike, 1919 (Don Mills, Ont. : Longman Canada, 1974).
Muir, James. The Demand For British Justice Protest and Culture During the Winnipeg General Strike Trials. (Winnipeg: U. of Manitoba, Faculty of Law., 1993).

Reading about political trials.

I just read this small legal history essay Muir, James. The Demand for British Justice: Protest and Culture During the Winnipeg General Strike Trials, Canadian Legal History Project Working Papers Series (Winnipeg, Man.: Canadian Legal History Project, 1993). This is for my criminal law course.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Completed reading a chapter of interviews of terrorism victims.

In my legal studies course this term I will be studying political trials. I am also continuing my studies of terrorism laws. I am reading a study of victim's of terrorism. This chapter covered victims of state terrorism too like the war and genocide. There were no victim's of Vietnam but there were some bombing victims from the fire bombing of Dresden interviewed. The interviews ended with some victims of the '911' terrorist attacks. The interviews also included death camp survivors and soliders from all side of world war one and two.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

These are the twenty two books I am borrowing at the moment from our school library.

Adams, F. Gerard. The e-business revolution & the new economy : e-conomics after the dot-com crash (Mason, Ohio : Thomson/South-Western, 2004).
Best, Joel. More damned lies and statistics : how numbers confuse public issues (Berkeley : University of California, 2004).
Cavalier, Robert J. The impact of the Internet on our moral lives (Albany : State University of New York, 2005).
Chiang, Chin L. An introduction to stochastic processes and their applications (Huntington, N.Y. : R. E. Krieger, 1968).
Day, Peter & Schuler, Doug. eds. Community practice in the network society : local action/global interaction (New York : Routledge, 2004).
DeRose, Steven J. The SGML FAQ book : understanding the foundation of HTML and XML (Boston : Kluwer Academic, 1997).
Glannon, Walter. Biomedical ethics (New York : Oxford, 2005).
Glidden-Tracey, Cynthia. Counseling and therapy with clients who abuse alcohol or other drugs : an integrative approach (Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005).
Harrington, C. Lee, & Bielby, Denise D. eds. Popular culture; production and consumption (Malden, Mass., Blackwell, 2000).
Hemmungs Wirtén, Eva. No trespassing : authorship, intellectual property rights, and the boundaries of globalization (Toronto : University of Toronto, 2004).
International Bar Association. Task Force on International Terrorism. International terrorism : legal challenges and responses : a report by the International Bar Association's Task Force on International Terrorism (Ardsley, NY : Transnational, 2003).
Jones, Neil C. & Pavel A. Pevzner. An introduction to bioinformatics algorithms (Cambridge, MA : MIT, 2004).
Kelly, Petra Karin. Thinking green! : essays on environmentalism, feminism, and nonviolence foreword by Peter Matthiessen. (Berkeley, Calif. : Parallax, 1994).
Li, Wai Keung. Diagnostic checks in time series (Boca Raton, FL : Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2004).
Rupert G. Miller, Jr. et al. Biostatistics casebook (New York : Wiley, 1980).
Ossewaarde, M. R. R. (Marinus Richard Ringo). Tocqueville's moral and political thought : new liberalism (New York : Routledge, 2004).
Ross, Sheldon M. Simulation (San Diego : Academic, 1997).
Béla Szabados & Kenneth G. Probert. eds. Writing addiction : toward a poetics of desire and its others (Regina : Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 2004).
Tamanaha, Brian Z. On the rule of law : history, politics, theory (New York : Cambridge University, 2004).
Webel, Charles. Terror, terrorism, and the human condition (New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).
Weinreb, Lloyd L. Legal reason : the use of analogy in legal argument (New York : Cambridge University, 2005).
Wharton, Amy S. The sociology of gender : an introduction to theory and research (Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 2005).

Monday, September 19, 2005

Cases this weekend.

The cases I read about the past three days, as part of my hundred cases in one hundred days, were in the newspaper. One was a case of young men gropping a classmate. They were all give jail sentences. This seems a strong message by the judge. The other case involved a women who has been missing for a week and today they found her body. So she was most probably murdered. The other case was a women murdered. Her boy friend is the suspect and has been charged. According to the newspaper report she was a poet who had been quoted at a poetry reading on the front page of the newspaper a few years ago. Other people have died here too recently but they were traffic accidents.

I did a library search from home.

Amazing the Internet at schools these days. I looked up nine famous bioinformatics algorithm pioneers and found books by seven of them. I did this from home using the web and a list of these scientists from a book on bioinformatics algorithms.

I attended a tutorial today where the TA K solved some of the exercise set of problems on the black board. I interacted with her. Later in the day because the tutorial was at nine this morning, I attended the statistics class for the third time in the afternoon. We covered joint random variables and then the common discrete and continuous distributions or statistical models.

I also found time today to attend a green party beginning of term meeting and we planned some events. I will volunteer two hours this week on this club before classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I also am trying to get us a donated solar panel from a hardware store for a raffle to raise money for this club. I have to call the store manager tomorrow. I guess I called inappropriately this evening.

Also today I was interviewed with the students emergency response team and decided I could not volunteer with them because they require 12 hours per shift on campus. I find it difficult enough to stay on campus for my classes. The campus is not very comfortable.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I finished printing off the Employment Standards Act.

I finished printing off the Employment Standards Act. I need this to study employment law so that I can draft some employment policy for our self help group. I will also today start what I want to be 25 hours of work on the network's web site. This is the self help network.

Reading this morning and preparing for my teaching assistant work.

I spent about half an hour this morning preparing for my teaching assistant work. I have to prepare for another 2.5 hours before late Tuesday afternoon. I read the first section of the student's textbook this morning and looked at the assigned problems and thought up ways to teach this stuff to the students on Tuesday. This will be their first lab so I must also explain the math and statistics lab rooms to them.

I read some stuff about terrorised warriors this morning. I also read about ebusiness. I also read about Standard Query Language (SQL) and Data Definition Language (DDL) an SQL language. I also read about cybercafes in South America and Internet policy in South America. I also read a little about assimilation v two row wapum parallelism in regards Native Canadians.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I attended the Field's Institute Probability day.

I went to school early this morning to atttend the Field's Institute Probability day. I heard one talk but was too tired to stay for another. I had been up over night helping deliver the newspapers. The talk was on Poisson clusters to model queuing processes. The example was packets arriving at an Internet server. Mostly statistics and probability professors were there in the audience.

I downloaded some journal articles from the Political Theory journal.

I downloaded some articles as pdf's from the journal Political Theory. They are articles concerning the concept of justice. I am just reading and scanning course outlines for other law courses from fourth year. This means I am studying law. I recorded and watched the first hour of this week's lecture even though I was also in the class when it was filmed Thursday night. I saw myself on TV. I also read an excerpt from Niccolo Machiavelli concerning attaining the position of prince by villainy. I have spent about 3 hours out of class time on this political criminal law course so far this term.

I also downloaded the exercises from the stochastic processes course. I did about three problems and spent about 15 minutes of the three hours I need to do this weekend before 9 AM Monday morning when we have our tutorial. I am just about to print an article in queing theory and then later this morning at 9 am I will hear the author of this article give a talk on this problem of queuing in call centre operations. So I will be at school later this morning. Then I will come home and sleep at 2 PM or maybe sooner.

In the next few hours I will help deliver Saturday's newspaper.

Friday, September 16, 2005

100 cases in 100 days.

I plan to look at 100 cases of law in 100 days remainiing in my BA in legal studies. Today's case is Application under s. 83.28 of the Criminal Code (Re) [2004] 2 S.C.R. 248. This was a case related to the Air India terrorist attack.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Read the first reading in my criminal law course.

The first reading in the criminal law course examined violence and how the media function to create the dominant discourse involving terrorists. I completed reading it late Thursday night. I also read about community reinforcement models of maintaining abstience from drugs and alcohol. I also read about popular culture studies. I also reviewed a little of the textbook for STAT3506.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today's class and buying books.

I am attending my second class in stochastic processes and queuing theory today. I am also buying the criminal law course reader and the music course book. Actually I may decide not to study the music course so will make sure I can bring the book back for exchange or not buy it today. I may not be able to afford the tuition for the music course.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I watched episode one in the first season of Stargate a few months ago.

In this episode Kowlosky is investigated because he has been infected by a Goa'uld worm. We meet the medical doctor in the show. Kowlosky is taken over and tries to escape through the Stargate but Tilk stops him and in the end Kowlosky dies.

The pilot episode of Stargate SG-1.

In the pilot episode Anubus comes through the moth balled Stargate and captures a female US solider. The marines fight them and kill a few and capture a staff weapon. Captian Jack O'Neil is brought out of retirement to to be questioned. General Hammond plans to send another bomb through and O'Neil tells them that the bomb did not destroy the gate. They then plan to go back through the gate to Abidose.

They introduce Samantha Carter as a member of the team, who yes played with Major Matt Mason dolls as a kid. So the new team go back and find Daniel Jackson who explains the stargate system he has discovered. Then the Goa'uld come through to Abidose and capture Sharea and Scara. The team return to earth with Daniel Jackson and the stargate coordinates to where the attack came from.

In this episode we meet Tilk and see the process of the Goa'uld worms being placed in the host. Sharea is implanted with a worm as is Scara. Scara and Sharea become major figures in the enemy panthanon. The team go to the other world and eventually escape with only Tilk and some freed prisoners. Tilk rebels and joins the team and helps them escape. Kawolski is infected with a Goa'uld worm which goes into his ear. They all get back to earth after a big battle.


I was not able to go to the bookstore yesterday as it was too crowded. I may try to go there tonight as it closes at 7 PM tonight. Otherwise I will go tomorrow. I still need to buy the music course textbook and also the criminal law process and politics reader for that course. I need to get these soon as the classes are on Thursday and I am behind on the readings. I will try to buy the music book first and it costs 108$ and includes 3 CD's. I also still owe 444$ in tuition for the music course. These two courses are on Thursday's and my first attendance will be Thursday this week starting at 14:30.The music professor contacted me today with the course outline. It looks like a very useful course to study and the outline suggests that this study of popular music is late to the game as the classical music scholars held the popular music out of the academy. But now we can study music as it is in real life.

I attended my first class of the fall 2005 term yesterday, STAT3506.

I attended the first class of the course STAT3506. This is the stochastic processes and queuing theory course. We reviewed the axioms of probability and some basic set theory. The next class in this course is tomorrow. I have the textbook for this course and will get started on some practice exercises tonight.

Completely watched the first season of Stargate.

I have watched a TV show on DVD now. In fact I borrowed a friend's DVD collection of the first season of Stargate. I was able this summer to watch the whole season. I have written reviews of each show. I have nine shows left to review out of twenty. I should get these other nine episodes reviewed tonight, or at least before tomorrow evening when I have to give the DVD's back to my friend. I do the reviews on this blog first then use dream weaver to make them into web pages.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Episode #19 leads off the final three episodes.

In the final three episodes the first is called There But For The Grace Of God. In this episode Daniel while exploring some alien cultures' collection of artifacts uses some device and activates a kind of mirror. He touches it and is sent to a parallel dimension. He finds himself alone on the planet they had just gone too.

Meanwhile just before he is separated, Tilk tells Jack that a symbol they find means that this world has been completely destroyed by the Goa'uld. Tilk warns Jack they must leave immediately.

So Daniel separated in the parallel world and alone, returns through the stargate and finds the SG-C on a parallel world. In this SG-C roles are changed slightly. In this parallel world the Daniel here is not even part of the SG-1 and in fact Kathryn does all the decoding, Jack is the base commander and Sam is a civilian Astro Physicist who is engaged to Jack. In this SG-C the Goa'uld are destroying the planet. After Daniel figures out that the annihilation fate of this parallel world will happen to earth, he talks the parallel world Jack into letting him return through the gate. Jack, at Daniel's suggestion of his Tilk's attitudes, attempts to reason with the parallel world Tilk who will have none of it.

This is actually the last time the gate can be used in this parallel world as the parallel world self destructs the SG-C as Tilk and Goa'uld have won the battle. The parallel world is destroyed by the Goa'uld. Daniel returns to the first world SG-C and the show ends to be continued. He also returns with gate coordinates for the world where the Goa'uld will launch their attack.

The Solitudes episode

In this episode #18 in the first season the SG-1 team return from a battle. The problem is two SG-1 members namely Sam and Jack return through another gate. They are stranded in an ice world. The gate has overloaded and the worm hole has split. The gate was overloaded by the energy weapons being fired in the battle. The SG-C ( mostly Daniel) eventually figure out that the split is to a second earth gate. The story also features Jack and Sam using survival techinques to survive in the cold. The SG-C trace the vibrations of the second stargate and locate and rescue Jack and Sam in Antartica.

Tin Man

The Tin Man episode of Stargate suggests an older technology. Basically the SG-1 find an underground complex with only one inhabitant. This fellow makes robotic copies of the SG-1 team and they go back to SG-C and are found out to be robots with the souls of the SG-1. They go back to the other planet and find their real selves and leave the robotic selves to help run the underground complex. The underground complex and the robots are the remains of a dying civilisation that remained immortal by making themselves mechanical bodies. The acting is the classic film trick of twins or doubles. Only really Jack but also Sam get to talk to their doubles.

There are once again too many interesting courses at school.

I have my work schedule at school now. I am just now choosing courses for myself based on this schedule. One reason for my success is choosing a good schedule so I am trying to do this now. I will attend one class today in statistics and look at books in the book store for other courses. I did some volunteering yesterday. I have no security work scheduled. Tomorrow will be a day off except for some union stuff later in the afternoon. I will not be able to study intellectual property but can study criminal law for my law course this term. I might also study a basic music course in popular music. So I might have three courses this term. I will have short statistics classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with a statistics tutorial Monday mornings. I will also have three hours work in the labs on Tuesday night as a teaching assistant. My own courses also happen on Thursday afternoon and evening. So I will be on campus for four days with only Monday an early morning. Wednesday and Thursday will start at 2:30 in the afternoon and Tuesday will start at 5:30 in the afternoon.Thus is doesn't matter if I sleep in except for Monday's. For my own studies and the time in classes: Monday will be two and a half hours; Wednesday will be one and a half hours; Thursday will be six hours. For my work Tuesday will be three hours.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Watched the last episodes of Stargate the past week.

I watched Enigma the 16th stargate episode from the first season. In this story the SG-1 finds some near dead humans on a planet.

The planet is being destroyed because of changes in the planet's orbit. The humans gave some advanced technology to another human inhabited planet in their solar system. The other humans used the technology to make war and destroyed the second planet. This causes the problem with the first planet. As it was destroyed by volcanos and gases the first humans escaped to another world.

The humans SG-1 found were the last team to leave. So SG-1 in saving them from the gases and volcanos took them back to earth where they are kept prisoners because they could not return. They object and in the end they do not share their technology with the SG-C.

The SG-C arrange to have them contact the Nox so they can stay with a similarily advanced civilisation. This contacting the Nox and letting the advanced humans leave is against the wishes of Mayborn who wants to keep the advanced humans on earth. The president orders SG-C to turn them over to Mayborn so only Daniel can help them escape SG-C because only Daniel will not face a court marshal for disobeying orders.

Again technological transfer is dealt with in terms of the military technology example.

Sam and one of the advanced humans fall in love briefly. Of course they fall in love with their mutual scientific interests as the catalyst.

I read a little today about moral impacts of the Internet and also e-business success by distruptive technologies.

I will not read a lot today. I read the school calendar and some course outlines I printed out for law courses. I read some Internet stuff. I also read some procedure manuals in my volunteer work. I volunteered for about four hours today. I helped deliver the newspaper but did not read it.

May be takinng a political law course.

I might be studying political law with my old professor Chris McNaught instead of the intellectual property course. I am also considering a French course instead of statistics. Another possibility I am considering instead of statistics is a music course.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Scheduling problems make two courses in legal studies practically impossible.

I have been assigned labs late on Tuesday. Because my law course is early Tuesday morning this raises a potential for 14 hour day at school. This is dangerous. I can certainly not study two law courses in a row as I suggested might be possible in my Tuesday the 30th of August entry. In fact it might be good at this point to try to find a differently scheduled law course than Tuesday. Wednesday I am also scheduled to have one lab at noon. Then my own statistics class is only an hour or so later at 14:30 and is only an hour and half class. Wednesday has a good schedule. The three labs on Tuesday start at 17:30 and end at 22:00. Each is one hour long and I have an hour and a half break between 19:30 and 21:00. I must find a law course after 10 am Monday morning but before 14:30 or later in the day on Tuesday's. Perhaps there is an open Monday evening law course. That would work well too. There is a course on Tuesday from 11:30 to 14:30 but this would allow no time to go home and I would be on campus for three hours with no purpose. This would be very bad too. At least with an early Tuesday class I will have four maybe five hours off and can come home for some of this time. Yes if I had a Monday evening course I could then take most of Tuesday to rest. But a Monday evening course might mean I would not sleep enough Tuesday night and I might stay up much too late and be late Wednesday morning or noon. Perhaps two statistics courses is the solution and save my law course until the winter term. I will check the course registration system now.

Reading about terrorism.

I have been reading about terrorism. The author of this book interviewed victims of both terrorism from below and terrorism from above as well as vicitms of torture and genocide. The book cite is Webel, Charles P. Terror, Terrorism and the Human Condition (New York: Palgrave Macmillian, 2004).

I started some web pages for Stargate TV show reviews.

I started some web pages to contain my Stargate TV show reviews. I will start the content with my reviews from this blog. the page will be here
. I have only three episodes left to watch in the first season.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I did not stick to my decision so am keeping my options open in regards courses this fall.

I could not leave statistics alone and some encouraging words from professor Zhao, the school director and instructor for this course, have kept me in his course. I will also check out the two law courses, intellecual property, and the advanced issues course women work, and the law. I have until September 16th to get my money back on the statistics textbook. So hopefully I can decide by the second week on the courses.