Sunday, October 31, 2004

It took about half an hour to grade the first page of the assignment for STAT2507 so it took the budgeted time no problem. I have about 45 minutes left to grade this assigment. I should be finished with this today or Monday morning. I reviewed a little of the STAT2507 textbook.

I wrote a summary of the Becker reading, eludicating a statistical view and interjecting my comments, on how well Becker does with what he is trying to do. I feel he does a good job of it but should have used a wider moral compass.

I read more of chapter three of Hacker Culture in particular I read about the battle between Microsoft and the cdc.

I have started to write my final copy of my reaction paper to Howard Becker's the Outsiders. It should be fairly easy I just need to read the chapter we are concerned about again and then write a page or two about this.

I have to grade some assignments today for a basic statistics course.

I should also start to work on the numerical analysis course assignment #4. I scored well on the third assignment so could still get a reasonable mark in this course. I am tempted to study the fourth year numerical linear alagebra course in the winter term.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I am finished delivering the Saturday paper to my neighbourhood. When I got in I of course first made coffee. Then I felt I was behind in LAWS4908 so started chapter three of Hacker Culture. It was in the beginning of this chapter that I found a reason for hacking as a crime. I paraphrased that and began to gather the sections of the paper into a rough draft. I have appoximately 13 pages now for that paper.

Based on the rewriting I was doing and minor editing I am going to investigate cvs software for word processing.

I am rewriting my term paper in LAWS4306 after some feedback from the professor, Doctor Dawn Moore. I have some reading to do for this week but have the Becker read two months ago for this week. I have to write a reaction paper on Becker and hand it in this week on Tuesday.

I have read the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) Code of Ethics and Standards from Berleur, Jacques & Brunnstein, Klaus eds. Ethics of Computing: Codes, Spaces for Discussion and Law (London: Chapman & Hall, 1996) at 79-83 and the Comments on the CIPS Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct by Diane Whitehouse just after in the same book at 83-86. This was for LAWS4908.

I did a tutorial in MATLAB and curve fitting using least squares yesterday at school in the fourth floor math and statistics school's computer lab. I did it perfectly after a fair amount of help from another students class notes on the linear systems for solution and the TA helping remind me of logs.

I tutored a student in limits from the calculus course MATH1002.

I am just getting ready to help deliver the Ottawa Citizen. I read the last three days newspapers late Friday night with some friends. About an hour ago I read articles about the iPod musical device in the Tech Weekly section. I of course just had to surf to check out the new iPod photo and also the U2 iPod. I updated my iTunes too and updated my .net on the my laptop.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I read the beginning of this article tonight concerning acts needed to define a crime. The author suggests control is what is needed not an act. Husak, Douglas Does Criminal Liability Require an Act? in Duff, Antony Philosophy and the Criminal Law: Principle and Critique (Cambridge,U.K.: Cambridge, 1998). I read this just after writing about laws relationship to three school of ethics, Kantian, Consequentialist and Relativist.

Monday, October 25, 2004

I read this article this weekend: McCollister, Kathryn E. & French, Michael T. The Economic Cost of Substance-Abuse Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings in Leukefeld, Carl G. Tims Frank & Farabee, David. eds. Treatment of Drug Offenders: Policy and Isssues (New York: Springer, 2002). This completes my reading of the first section of this book. The first section is called Background.

I read more of Hacker Culture the past few days and am almost finished the second chapter now called Hacking as the Performance of Technology.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I spent about 5 hours so far on assignment #3. This is more than I could put in for assignments #2 & #1. I did put in about 3 hours on assignment #2 maybe more. I don't remember how much I put into assignment #1. This means I am doing about a 1/1 out of class in class ratio and I need to pick this up a bit in this course.

With the present assignment, #3 I should be able to hand it in and not have to do any MATLAB work in the lab tomorrow. Nor will I have to ask the professor, Dave, if I have it right. I know I have done it well and right. I have the good copy of Q.1 and Q.3 done and just need to proof read them now. I have only to do a final copy of Q.2 and I am done. It is almost 4 am now. I will sleep at 5 am at the latest and do the final write up of Q.2 in the lab tomorrow if I have too.

I have some hard copy of my legal studies writing done for the tutor tomorrow. I will be at school from 1:00 PM to about 7:00 PM. I also need to find more time for my legal studies courses. I did read the first two chapters in a drug treatment policy book: Leukefeld, Carl G. Tims Frank & Farabee, David. Treatment of Drug Offenders: Policy and Isssues (New York: Springer, 2002) this morning too. They were:

Leukefeld, Carl G. Farabee, David & Tims Frank. Clinical and Policy Opportunities at 3-8.
This chapter explored the basic issues of drug treatment policy in prisons.
Filed, Gary D. Historical Trends of Drug Treatment in the Criminal Justice System. at 9-21.
This gave an alternate view of drug control history but also deepened my knowledge of the history of drug control by offering a history of drug treatment as it is in prisons. It also touched on drug enforcement because of course those arrested may end up in prison or being treated for addictions.
I am hoping this book will help with my term paper.

I did not do a really great job in the lab duties yesterday but all the students were doing their work fine and I solved a few problems and covered some basic concepts about cumulative probabililty and probability density functions. Basically they learned P(a < x < b) and getting their questions into that form and they learned P(a) = 1 - P(a (not)). I also did not give the students any answers and reminded them to use thier books. They have a mid term tonight that I will help a little with as a proctor. For this work I will be spending 30$ US to rent a copy of Minitab 14 for five months.

I solved the algorithum for the tridiagonal system at school yesterday, while sitting on a bench. Then I went to the lab and got it to work and made a jpg of the plot and printed it last night when I got home. Just now minutes after midnight, I put the algorithum down in pen and ink in rough form and as I did it computed the computational complexity. It can be solved in 7N -5 operations. I also solved Q.1 in the assignment # 3 for MATH3806 in rough form just now. I now just need to write up a discussion of my plots for Q.3 in rough form. Then I need to make a good copy of all this work. So I am in the home stretch now. This is all due tomorrow in the mid afternoon.

Also tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with Loyd, a cognative studies graduate student who works at the writing tutorial service; who will help me with my legal studies writing. I got one paper back graded from my drug law course, so 20% of the grade has been earned to date.

With the assignment # 3 tomorrow submitted I will have completed 36% of the grade in MATH3806.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I got my MATLAB software ordered. I also got the MATLAB work done for this week's assignment #3 due tomorrow. I just need to do the pen and ink math now.
I was looking for pdf's on hacking to use on my palm for research for my law paper. I found this web site for pdf's I downloaded some articles on hacking including a book in German.
I made no mistakes yesterday in the labs. I worked for two hours. I debugged about 20 student's programs. I guess I am a talented programmer and can teach programming. I got the graded assignments back to the instructor.

I have a lab to give today and got the assignments all graded last night. Then for this course I have to proctor a test tomorrow. I will not have any grading in this course until next weekend.

I won't take any security work next weekend. I have a security shift this weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I managed to work a night shift as a security guard AOK. It was very physically demanding and I stayed up about 6 extra hours for about a 26 hour day. I had to volunteer at our self help group and keep minutes of our meeting on my laptop. I managed to do some of that work. All this on Monday/Sunday night.

I got my grading done today and have one more assignment to grade for a different course. There are about 20 papers. I have three hours of labs to give starting this morning. I am also tutoring a student in differential equations tomorrow. He also has a disablity. Then on Friday I have to help proctor a test. Our role playing game is caneled tonight which gives me more time to grade papers. We should be able to have our cyberpunk role playing get together with other consumers on Friday.

I have a day shift this coming Sunday then no shifts scheduled in security.

Yesterday I attended all my classes and that went well. I got a fairly decent mark on my reaction paper. I also got some notes for a class I missed last week in numerical analysis. I got to work on the assignment more this week. I will be buying a copy of MATLAB so I can work at home more on the assignments.

I am under a fair amount of teaching assistant work pressure.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I finally just now reached a goal with my marking work. It was about four or five days since when I thought I could reach this point and when I did. I have a fair amount of marking still to do.

I gave a test to about 120 students last night. It was about 2 hours of work as a proctor or test faciliator. I read a little more of Hacker Culture and also started to the read Peele, Stanton. The Diseasing of America: Addiction Treatment Out of Control (Lexington, Mass.: Lexington, 1989). This book on addiction was recommended by Dawn Moore our drug law professor who is only the third legal studies professor I have had so far in my BA who is not a lawyer but she is a full time professor unlike the other two who were part-tme faculty.

I completed the MATLAB work today very quickly. My code was perfect the first time although this code in MATLAB gave a strange matrix using Gaussian Elimination. I had to show why there was a resulting error when this algorthum was used with a vander matrix. Every column of such a matrix is a power greater or lessor than the coloumn beside it. Thus over ten columns in our example the order of difference is on the order of greater than 10^9 which was the difference between the first and last rows. I still need to solve the assignment #3. My pen and ink math on the last assignmeent was perfect but I did not do enough MATLAB work on assignment #2.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I just called my wife's publisher to do the last minute details for the Small Press book fair tomorrow. He has paid for the table. We should be there at 11 am tomorrow morning but it is ok if we are a little late. I may leave my wife there and leave the fair early. It should be a good relaxing time though and social. I might be able to pick up some interesting books art or digital books or art. I should budget a little spending money for lunch too.
My school writing is coming along fine. I got about 6 pages written in the 60 page paper. This paper is on computer crime.

I have a lab to do today. I will be programming in MATLAB. I skipped out on meeting with the Minister today. I have to proctor a test tonight. I actually enjoy being at school late Friday nights. It is better than being drunk in a loud bar. I might end the evening after the test in the library. Our school library is open late. I should be reading some more books on drug laws. I think I'll post this now and search for some books on the library web site before going to school for the lab.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The concept of down time comes from computing I think. I did work yesterday for two hours. I gave some help to students in their scheduled lab times. I also worked on their review problems at a computer using Minitab and SAS. I also got some of my homework done using MATLAB. This morning I am going off to my lecture the 11 th lecture in my numerical analysis course. We are just finishing up linear systems. This lecture today should be the new stuff on iteration methods. I hope to work some more after class on the assignment for this course. Then I have to prepare for one hour for a lab I give later in the afternoon. I also have mobilization meeting at noon for our TA union. Then after the lab later in the day I have a wobbly union meeting. I should be able to get home at about 2 PM and rest and relax a bit before the late afternoon work.

Tomorrow morning I meet with the Minister of Citizenship to discuss the new Ontarian's with Disabilities Act. Then on Monday after my Sunday night shift I have a board meeting at our self help group.

I will also be selling books this weekend at a small press book fair on Saturday. Somewhere in all this time I have to find time to mark assignments too. Maybe I will skip the mobilization meeting at lunch and come home and mark.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I got one reaction paper written and handed in for Sheptycki's Issues in Transnational Policing. I had a little chat with my professor about my term paper and things went well in class yesterday as we discussed the drug/crime nexus.

I got some writing done on my fourth year paper and the supervisor was impressed and happy with it. I did though loose my watch while visiting him and must go buy a new watch today at a department store.

I also have attended my math course yesterday. It went well and we studied iterative solutions to linear systems. This is matrix math.

I need to work on grading papers this morning and then have two labs to give at 10:30 and 11:30 then I have the day off but will do more grading today.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

This blog is one year old now. It should be two years old before I graduate with my second degree my BA in legal studies next November 2005.
I am doing great with LAWS4306B. I have a rough final draft of my first reaction paper done. I will just proof read it and create a little more logical structure then hand it in on Tuesday at the beginning of class.
I am doing poorly with MATH3806. I enjoy the lectures and the labs but the assignments are difficult. I read very little of the texbook yesterday but did read a little. I need to read more.
This is my bibliography to date for my LAWS4908 paper. I just sent via email this un anotated to my supervisor. I am now as I post it here making some notes on each reading.

Bachman, Ronet & Schutt, Russel K. The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice 2nd Ed. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press, 2003).
I read the first few chapters of this book. It describes research methods in criminology. It is a huge textbook like work.

Behling, John H. Guidelines For Preparing The Research Proposal (New York: University Press of America, 1984).
I did not read much of this book.

Berleur, Jacques & Brunnstein, Klaus Eds. Ethics of Computing: codes, spaces for Discussion and Law (London: Chapman & Hall, 1996).
I have browsed this book before. It is more or less professional ethics for computer scientists and came up or from another course, PHIL2104. This maybe useful for some detail in looking at programmers as ethical rather than criminal.

Bogard, William. The Simulation of Surveillance: Hypercontrol in Telematic Societies (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University, 1996).
This book just looks cool and is a joining of the philosophical topics of Foucault' surveillance and Baudrillard's simulation. I started to read this book too. It may prove to be useless for this paper.

Brock, Gerald W. The Second Information Revolution (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, 2003).
This may also prove to be quite useless. It is a history in economic terms of telecommmunications and then the information age.

Davis, Robert W.K. & Hutchinson, Scott C. Computer Crime in Canada: An
Introduction to Technological Crime and Related Legal Issues
Ont.: Carswell, 1997).
This book maybe useful and it seems quite structured to help me write my paper.

Duff, Antony. Ed. Philosophy and the Criminal Law: Principle and Critique (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University, 1998).
I have looked at this book a little and it maybe too in depth about side or unrelated topics.

Himanen, Pekka. The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age (New York: Random House, 2001).
This book helped me delimit my topic to not include hackers who create useful things and are not treated as criminals but as business men. It can be related to Thomas below.

Kowlaski, Melanie. Cyber-crime: Issues, Data Sources, and Feasibility of Collecting Police-reported Statistics, Cat. # 85-558-XIE, (Ottawa, ON:, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, December 19, 2002).
This I haven't looked at this recently but has definitions as well as ways of measure for crime statistics based on these definitions. It counts criminal code charges for the end of the century and beginning of this century.

Law Commission of Canada. What is a Crime? Challenges and Alternatives (Ottawa, LCC, 2003). (Cited September 26, 2004)
This was/is recommended reading by my superivsor. I like the suggestions of alternatives to the criminal law. This is where I will draw the relativistic notions surrounding criminal law applications to computer crime enforcment and punishment meaning sentencing.

Levi, Michael. "Between the risk and the reality falls the shadow": Evidence and urban legends in computer fraud ( with apologies to T.S. Eliot) in Wall, David S. Ed. Crime and the Internet (New York, Routledge, 2001).
This gave me a look at the hype behind computer crime and some idea of the law formation in the USA regards hackers.

Mawrey, Richard B. & Salmon, Keith J. Computers and the Law (Oxford: BSP Professional, 1988).
This book will also prove useless as it is out of date and is really meant as a guide for businesses and other computer users to seeking legal advise and reducing legal costs of using computers. This might help for an industry view of computer crime but will take more integration with other works. I would also need to bring it up to today by finding other works to cover the periods between 1988 and now.

Sieber, Ulrich. Ed. Information Technology Crime: National Legislation,
Jus Informationis European Series on Information Law v 6 (Köln: Carl
Heymanns Verlag, 1994).
This book is highley useful and is the general book that guides me at present. It is the section on Canada that I find useful also this editor is quoted in other papers and books.

Sofaer, Abraham D. & Goodman, Seymour E. Eds. The Transnational Dimension of Cyber Crime and Terrorism (Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution, 2001).
This books is fear mongering and also shows the big hype behind computer crime. It will be useful for getting at another side of my argument if my argument is computer crime is not a problem.

Thomas, Douglas. Hacker Culture (Minneapolis, Minn.: University of Minnesota, 2002).
This book is usefull too for the hacker section of my paper and is interesting for its backward looking view of the hacker underground and the press on hackers.

Wall, David S. Maintaining Order and Law on The Internet in Wall, David. Ed. Crime and The Internet (London: Routledge, 2001).
I read this paper today and it helps to define computer crime but really aims to catagorize the four law enforcement or policing bodies involved in regulating the Internet.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I have to write out some scenerios for computer crime and do a little legal analysis by next Tuesday. I have some reading to do for my drug law course. I am also writing some reaction papers based on the readings for this course in drug laws. I got one paper done in rough draft last night. I am seeing a writing tutor today in the mid afternoon to go over my writing for this course. I got some math done in pen and ink for my assignment #2 and got a start on the programming yesterday for that assignment. I need to comlplete it today.

I got all my grading done this past week on time. I have some papers to grade now for two weeks from now. I also gave all my labs successfully this week. I investigating getting Minitab 14 beyond its trial period, but will have to pay for that myself; the school won't pay for it.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I admited to a supervisor that I have procrastination but then she admitted she did too and that everyone seems to have it. My friends at the role playing game also said it was common. I have been reading for my computer crime course. I am up early again this morning for class. I am heading off to school in about an hour. I have some homework to do and a lab to give today. I am also meeting with my legal studies supervisor.

I continued to read a book on crisis intervention by non-professionals. I tend to see that the philosophy of this book protects the professional counseler. I feel these professionals should be looked at critically and we must reality test their advise and not follow them blindly. Doctors are only human too.

Monday, October 04, 2004

I got one assignment marked and the marks recorded for the first assignment of this terms teaching assistant work. I am done that much now. This was the first assignment I have completing marking this term. I am getting out of my funk and getting things done now. I am feeling good now and things will continue to progress. It is the end of the day I need to rest up for classes tomorrow.
I read some more about computer crime culture. I didn't read any drug law stuff today or last night. I did get started reading chapter one of one book I will read for my honours paper called Hacker Culture.

This morning I emailed my math professor who guided me towards a solution of some homework. I did some math typing in emails. Math has really changed with the advant of computers but this is the one math course where computers are to be used in particular MATLAB software. I may study some more of this work later on this afternoon. I have been awake about 17 hours now so might stop writing and figuring soon and only read for the rest of the day.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I completed my readings this morning for this week's LAWS4306B lecture. I am started on next week's readings. I emailed my math professor. I need to buy a home copy of MATLAB to do better in this course. I am studying mentoring relationships in one library book. I am also reading a scientific computing book I borrowed on Friday. I did some studies of computer crime statues in one of the books I am borrowing for lAW4908. I made two appoinments with the writing tutorial service at school for the next two Friday's.