Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I worked on my LAWS4305 journal last night. I read one paper on the regulations and criminals laws concerning human reproductive technologies. I also need to read an article on the changing rape laws and then one other article for tomorrow's class.
I started to mark the MATH0007 tests. I completed marking the first question. I need to complete marking it by tomorrow. I also need to get it into the math office by 3:30 tomorrow. That is my goal.
I got all the marking done for MATH0107 and handed back the tutorial papers today. We have to give a mid-term in that course this weekend, Saturday morning. I will be proctering the Paul Menton Centre students. I took up some textbook problems with the class today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I got most of the marking for MATH 0107 done last night. I have a MATH0007 test to mark. I wrote my LAWS3205 mid-term. We are graded on presentation and style and use of the materials, in a word thoughtful use of the materials. I think I did that today on the mid-term. I am reading the Criminal Justice Research book. I finished reading the first paper in that book by Robert Reiner. I finished reading the introduction to What's Wrong with Addictions?

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I organised last weeks tutorial work in alphabetical order. I am getting ready to mark last weeks tutorial. This week I need to prepare to help the students with the first four chapters of the textbook.
I have printed off my week 7 journal entry for LAWS4305. I can decide to take more criminal law this winter or stay in the computer law courses. This week the topic in LAWS4305 is objectionable content on the Internet. I have been reading and rereading books from our school's library this weekend and at the AGM during down time. I am also reading about the new goverment in Ontario in the newspaper.
I have been studying LAWS3205. I am working with another student briefing the cases. I have read all the readings. This helping the other student and he helping me, is being done by email and computers so this is helping me computerize my notes. I need to do some more of this this morning.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I am spending the day reading books and attending an AGM.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Here are the books I borrowed today, all new books at our school library:
Henderson H., Privacy in the Information Age (New York, NY, Facts on File, 1999).
McKenzie, I. K., & Bull R., ed. Criminal Justice Research, Inspiration, influence and ideation (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2002).

Keane, H., What's Wrong with Addiction?(Washington Square, NY: New York University Press, 2002).
Brandenburg, J. B., Confronting Sexual Harrasssment, What School and Colleges Can Do (New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 1997).

I am also still reading Law, Psychology and Justice and started to read a simple but useful book, The American Medical Association's Essential Guide to Depression.

I got the marking done late Tuesday night. I gave back the tutorial work earlier today. I also gave a new tutorial this week and will mark it on the weekend when I am back from an AGM meeting.

I have to give a test in MATH0007 next Monday.

I have not been doing much of my course studies these past two days. I borrowed more books today. Several on law topics, one on addictions. These were borrowed from the school library. I borrowed two mental health books yesterday from my local psychiatric hospital.

I am going away for two days to an AGM meeting of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network of Consumer/Survivor of Psychiatric services, hereafter written ERN.

I am reading tonight and going to sleep early tonight for the AGM tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I got half an hour of marking done yesterday morning. I got the first part of the assignment marked for all the students. I should get the rest of the question marked today. It is really the only paid work I need to do today.

I gave the tutorial yesterday. There were not many students in attendance. We worked on velocity and acceleration questions in calculus. We also worked on increasing and decreasing functions and graphing.

I then went to my consumer law lecture. We covered strict libability and then in the second half covered exclusion clauses in standard form contracts. We looked at Mendelssohn v. Norman (1969) 2 All E.R. 1212 (C.A.) and that's where we ended for the mid-term next week. We are responsibile for all readings in the course text up to page 193. I have read all that at least once.

I am continuing to read Law, Psychology and Justice.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I have to prepare for my MATH tutorial today. I also have to mark some MATH assignments. The professors might be on strike today. My TA union has agreed to work but we will not be doing the professors jobs just our regular jobs.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Study suicide: now that's an idea that might help someone stay alive:

The local paper did a ten days series of articles on suicide. Very informative and I have not completed reading them all yet I saved them. I want all my friends to read more.
Apparently not all suicides make the newspapers.

check their special articles out at this URL/web address
Citizen special section

I am reading some of the Canadian Acts concerning Consumer Product Warranty and Liability from my LAWS3205 textbook tonight this monring. The only writing assignments I have are my mid-term in LAWS3205 which isn't really an assignment and my project in LAWS4305 which is not due for another month. Well I guess I have my LAWS4305 weekly journal to write. Is there truth anywhere in promises in detail?

Thursday, October 16, 2003

We had our debate tonight. It went well. I met Kimberly Fever a native from the Solicitor General's office. There are more native police and lawyers these days.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Although I am not officially a student of music I study music in books as well as listening to, and, playing music. Late Saturday night I loaned my neighbor a grade ten student four music books. These were MP3 Underground, The Digital Musician, Woke Up this Morning, and The Story of the Clash. I almost loaned him my Seattle punk scene poster book,Instant Litter which I ordered in the late '80's after reading a review of it in The Whole Earth Review

"Music is an energy." The Buzzcocks.

Still no contact with the Sound Minds program and its new volunteers. They might record Jenny and I or play a recording they have of us. We need to practice more, as always is the case.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I proof read my LAWS4305 journal and corrected little things but did not rewrite it. It is due on Thursday the 16th in class. This is the mid-term submission of the journal. We will also submit it near the end of term. As of Thursday after our debate I will have completed 70% of the work for this course. This is my first successful fourth year course.

I practiced reading my debate speech four times early Saturday morning. I printed a good copy of the speech out. I should practice it more this week.

I started this week's readings on aboriginal offenders. I also read more about electronic data pirates. I also read the statistics report from the Solicitor General, The Centre of Justice Statistics and Corrections Canada, that Tanya gave us in September. I also read the study in cybercrime statistics and reporting a little.

I need to work more on the rebutal section of the debate but have been thinking of a few faults that I have read about in aboriginal self government and our thesis that aboriginals should have the right to sentence their own.

I read the six cases in chapter five of the LAWS3205 textbook. I took notes on these in a word processed file journal. I have a few more acts and Ontario law Reform commission reports to read a handful more cases and I should be ready for the mid-term in this course.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I am reading about the philosophical roots of Anarchism. I also read some Internet Commmerce law essay's. I also am reading about product liability. I read parts of the Electronic Information and Documents Act (2000). This is all for my consumer law course LAWS3205. Our mid-term is on the 27th.
I did my presentation last night. It was good. Today I got the marked MATH0007 tests to the math office. I finished reading an article on reforms to consumer protection. I read a little more of ruling the root.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I managed to complete my proposal and also my presentation and back them up. I just need to complete the marking on the MATH007 test and hand it in on the way to my LAWS4305 class tonight. I have timed my presentation and it is 13 minutes so should fit in the 15 minute slot.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The tutorial went well. I helped a handful of students with taking up the test. I also gave back the tests. I found another hour when I got home to mark some more of the MATH0007 test.
I found half an hour to prepare for the tutorial. I am going to have to cut down on recreation and entertainment hours if I want to complete my school work for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It is crunch time. I have to find one hour to prepare for tomorrow's tutorial. I also have my proposal to complete for LAWS4305 and the presentation for the that course both due Thursday the 9th. Then I need to mark the MATH0007 test by Thursday as well but I have completed marking the first page of that test. I am not so worried about LAWS3205 as I just need to read things for that course and should be able to do that this coming long weekend.
I got two tests to the professor today so he could check students solutions in doubt. I also worked on marking MATH0007 tests.
I am printing my LAWS4305 journal on premium paper. I got a document on the reporting of computer crimes from The Canadian Centre of Justice Statistics off the Statistics Canada web site. My proposal is about 1 page long now with three annotated references begun plus a handful of other references. This is due on Thursday.

Monday, October 06, 2003

I attended half my class in LAWS 4305. I had a volunteer city hall meeting on the school boards-city relationships to attend. I gave a test today in MATH0007 as part of my TA duties.
I did another slide for my slide show presentation for LAWS4305 and the end of the presentation is in sight. I also did two annotations of references this morning for the project proposal.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

My debate partner had found a number of faults and counter responses for our rebutal. She seems bogged down in criminal law studies but she is a fourth year criminal law student. I rewrote my debate piece by adding evidence references to books I had read.
I am reading a week long series on suicide in Ottawa's Citizen newspaper. I have trained in suicide intervention and have saved 12 lives for two lost. All of these individuals that I saved told me they were suicidal. The two lost were associates in the consumer/survivor movement and did not let me know their suicidal intentions. Yet I am not that expert yet at spotting suicidal intentions without direct communication. I have some training and experience in spotting depression and certain flags in suicidal planning.
I woke up and read a little consumer law. I then re-read an article on sentencing. Then I completed marking the MATH0107 tests. Everyone passed and that felt good. I printed out my LAWS4305 journal and am feeling good. I have some thoughts for an annotated reference for one book now so will do that after a little work with a neighbour.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I proof read aloud the debate piece. I have polished up enough for today. I emailed it to my debate partner. I'll read it again after I sleep.

I printed out a hard copy back up of the debate piece and my weekly journal for LAWS4305.

that's it for today.

I wrote one page for my opening statments in our debate. I appealed to our lack of knowledge of aboriginal culture as the reason for allowing aboriginals to sentence their own offenders. It is strongly argued which surprises me.

The comments on my opinion paper were that I was not arguing strongly. My opinion papers last winter in LAWS3501 were also not very strongly argued and were slightly artifical really only attacking the authors of the assigned books we read.

I am studying LAWS4305 Criminal Law Reform, and LAWS3205 Consumer Law this fall term.
Welcome to studies and more studies. This morning I wrote part of a debate for LAWS4305. Of course, at the end of an all nighter where I read pages and pages about consumer law for LAWS3205, aboriginal offenders for LAWS4305, and even a book of internet demographics for next winter's LAWS4204. You might have come here from my computer web log but this blog will not be about computers I hope but about school work I am doing. There is a third blog I will open about role playing in the cyberpunk gendre.