Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Win2K on the eMac

I was able to install Win2K on my eMac. If I can install Debian also on the eMac I will be a happy. I tried twice now but my X windows does not work on the eMac. I need to do some research into this configuration of X windows in virtual PC. I was supposed to be getting this Virutal PC for the Mac so I could run SAS on the Mac. But I have another computer now to run WinXP and thus SAS and I also have Debian installed as a statistical workstation on this other PC. This other PC is a Pentim IV IBM Intellistation.

Working very hard this past two weeks but studies continue.

Studies get in the way of working and working gets in the way of study time but I want to do both so these continue. I worked last week inspecting buildings for safety issues for my union and the school. I inspected the electrical engineering department last week and have more engineering buildings to inspect still. I also have a theatre building to inspect. These were scheduled for February but I was only assigned them two weeks ago. I won't get them done in February.

I also worked in a non academic job this past weekend for 24 hours out of 48. If it is quiet at this workplace and if I am not busy with work tasks, I am allowed to read school books. This is a good job. I have held it for five years now. It is unionised so pays well, but I only work there part-time so do not make a lot of money at this work. I am becoming a Steel Worker of America union member at this job although the work is not about steel work.

Today I was in training for my new job as a day trader on NASDAQ. I have worked for about 8 hours of training now for this job. I am learning more about trading and the major players on NASDAQ.

I am working tonight at my TA job where I will give a mid-term review session. I have been marking some assignments for this course now for the past week and a half.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I did not get accepted into graduate school in statistics.

I should have known that my D grades in probability and mathematical statistics would stop my application to graduate school. In the past when considering graduate school I had planned to repeat the two courses I scored D in. But I did not and these courses, with D's were the reason the graduate school director had to stop my application. I am not hurt. I took this rather well in fact going by the directors office and telling him I would have found graduate school too difficult.

Meanwhile I am scoring 100% in my experimental design course after two assignments. I am sketching out some experiments in music with my new PA/Recording equipment and the methodology in my course textbook. I also borrowed some books on midi today and a book on ethics in mental illness treatment concerning involuntary hospitalisation which may be a topic in my legal studies MA.

Speaking of my legal studies MA I thought up a survey into citizen's knowledge of crime as a good project for my thesis. I would study different types of citizens including victims, etc., as different strata in a survey.

I read a short book about Children's use of the Internet.

I just finished reading this book,
Seiter, Ellen. The Internet Playground: Children's Access, Entertainment, and Mis-Education (New York: Peter Lang, 2005).
This book covered a professor's teaching of an elementary classroom course on media and journalism to two school's one a lower class school with an ethnic population. She looked at the children's love of wrestling and neopets. She found that the gender gap in computing disappears when one considers working class non-white males and that the privledged males in computing are white middle class men.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Article about email between students and professors from NY Times

I started to write down all that I knew about academic email after reading the article. I discussed with professors and emailed some researchers of the internet about it.

The original article can be found on this link:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I got my second statistics homework assignment completed on Thursday with a 20 hour extension

I was really mad on Wednesday looking for a computer to do the SAS coding for my second assigment in my experimental design course. I had done it at home but had no time to write it up, then I found out in the lecture that I had done the coding wrong and so I need a computer on campus to re-write the code. I don't like getting angry like this it is very bad about academia this type of anger. I got the coding done in time but then asked for an extension on the deadline so I could write up the results. The professor gave me an extra 20 hours so I went home and slept after a 30 hour day. I woke up early the next day and did the write up and submitted the assignment. I have no assignments over this week coming up, which is reading week at our school so we have no classes. So far in this course I have 100%. I can read the textbook this week and also catch up on other statistics reading. I do have some statistics marking to get done this week too and I started that marking yesterday morning. I think I will sleep now as I continue to take the weekend off of studies.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I completed reading another article on women's studies.

I will have to know the basics of women's studies and feminism for grad school in legal studies. I completed reading this article on Friday:
Hamilton, Roberta. The Women's Movement(s) in Gendering the Vertical Mosaic: Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Society (Toronto: Copp Clark, 1996) at 43-81.

This covered a herstory of the feminist movement in Canada questioning the idea that the feminist movement is dead or fragmented. Along the way of this history ideas of race, class, and ability were covered as keys also in different feminisms and different actions. Interestingly a manifesto of late sixties radical feminists within the counter culture was quoted piece by piece and rather well tied into the text of the article.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I bought a copy of a first year women's studies course pack from the womyns centre fundraising sale.

I have read the first article and now started a second from this first year women's study reader. The second article traces the history or herstory of the feminist movement in Canada basically starting at the 1950's. I am trying to get the basics of women's studies learned by this reading to support my reading of many books by women on feminist science studies. I first heard of the womyns centre at our school in the early 1990's. I have been studying women and computing now for about a year. I have a women professor for my own course now and a women supervisor for my TA work. In my legal studies only 2 credits out of 9 were taught by women.

One thesis I like from feminist legal studies as it relates to the statistical concept of bias is the idea of expressing our biases openly at the beginning and I often talk this way in meetings. I did try to admit my background in my honours paper, but this was considered too personal by my writing tutors, so I cut out this too personal part in the final draft of my paper on computer crime. In my paper on computer crime I don't remember citing women or considering gender at all. There was no breaking of the male computer criminal stereo type, yet there was some evidence that this is in fact a stereo type. Thus there are women computer criminals, as well as. male teenagers. That is what the cases showed.

I received a copy of Virtual PC for the Mac.

I received a copy of Virtual PC for the Mac but so far have not been able to install an operating system inside the Virtual PC. I will make another try this morning after trying three different WinXP disks and Debian 3.1 r1.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TA work continues.

At school tonight I gave a group work problem solving and proof writing statistics lab. The instructor came in and helped me too. I was going to tutor a student tonight from the disAbled students centre but he was sick today. So I stayed in the library an extra half hour and read about on-line communites. I also read an article last night about commerical on-line communities for women.

I then came home and started Linux tinkering again. I also read my course textbook for the STAT4504 lecture later today.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I relaxed after all the school work earlier today.

I did submit my homework this afternoon. I also returned the SAS CD's to the school computing services. I also chatted a bit about my graduate school application in statistics with the graduate administrator at the school of mathematics and statistics.

Speaking of graduate school I also took my referee form to a referee's workplace after school. We chatted a bit of politics and the criminal law. It was a very secure workplace.

I came home and read books about gender and computing. I borrowed these books today.

The home work is done.

I did not really prove the proof completely meaning I skipped some steps but it is done now and everything for my first assignment is printed in two copies and ready to go to school now. I am also returning the SAS disks I borrowed from the school. I don't really have anything else scheduled today at school. But I do need to go downtown today and drop off the legal studies MA referee form at a government building.

Light at the end of the proof tunnel maybe.

I spent a few hours this morning working on the proof. I reached a lot of dead ends. I know how the proof should go, so I am suprised that I went off on blind alleys. I am type setting it in Latex and am doing ok now. One more session of pen and ink and I should be able to finish it and then write it up. This is the difference of being able to do math and not do math at the graduate level. I also completed my intentions letter for the M.Sc. and sent it in this morning to the mathematics and statistics graduate school's administrator.

Completing MA in legal studies application paperwork today, this week and next.

I am just now completing the application paperwork for the MA in legal studies application for next year. Today I will take a referee form to professor Chris McNaught at the department of Justice downtown so he can fill it out. Some time this week or next I will pay the 75$ for the application fee.

Tukey's test done. Only the proof remains.

I have done the Tukey's test now thus completing the analysis for the problem we were given some data for. I actually quite quickly type set the Tukey's problem in Latex using using Texshop and the simple calculator widget in dashboard and the data from the Open Office spreadsheet. I have proof read this part of the assignment a couple of times now and I consider it basically completed with perhaps a final proof and print still to do today. I now only need to do the proof of the expected value of the mean squares for treatments. I have actually slightly less than 13 hours to complete this assignment and hand it in. I am going to take a break now.

I have proof read five parts of the second question on my home work.

I have one part of the second question to still complete this morning. I proof read what I have done just now and I am almost sure I have done the question right. I just need to do a tukey test and I am done with the second question. Then I have only to complete the proof question and I am done.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I did work for about 4 hours on my statistics homework.

I worked for about four hours now on my statistics homework. I have five out of six sub parts of an analysis completed and am just printing the write up for proof reading. This is good because I have caught up with it now. I decided it was easier to type set the formulas in open office than to teach myself latex anymore. I did part of one sub part in latex and I am still going to complete the other question, the proof in latex of a biased statistics implying a non central F distribution.

I need to read my STAT4504 textbook and work out the basic statistics and typeset all this work today.

The typesetting takes a fair amount of time. But right now I am going to sit down and read about the modified Levene test and also the Tukey test. I believe these are diagnostic tests. I will report back at 4:45 AM with my progress.

Slowly plodding through my statistics homework.

I did some more work on the orthogonal contrasts just now. Earlier Saturday morning before I slept and on Friday night I did some more latex coding of the assignment. I have basically two long days left to do this homework now. I will be up today to about the afternoon and then sleep and wake up early Monday morning. The homework is due on Monday afternoon at 16:00 PM.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Reading books not newspapers.

I tend to learn more from books and chapters and articles in books, than newspapers these days but newspapers and TV get to me in a more direct way and get me excited. I just read half of a study into computer war gaming. The cite is Bayer, Martin. Playing War in Computer Games: Myths and Reality in Irwin, Jones. War and Virtual War: The Challenges to Communities (New York: Rodopi, 2004) at 149-169. I also have been reading about child poverty and statistics and about modern warfare in terms of body hardening and body injury. I finished a book on the rule of law that I started to read this summer after studying public law with Christian Jackel.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I did my first homework in latex.

I have done a fairly neat file now as a pdf in latex using Texshop on the Mac. I have the ability now to type set math in latex and used this web site to learn some latex codes. http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/tpl/textprocessing/teTeX/latex/latex2e-html/ltx-115.html#math.