Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I am studying legal studies only this term.

I think I have decided that I will only study legal studies this term. I will take a third and fourth year course. This will allow me to slightly improve my average and I can graduate this Winter or next Spring and I can also take the next term off of school.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Having last minute thoughts about my extra course.

I have been buying music equipment recently so the idea of studying a music course appeals to me. Also to improve my law graduation average and knowledge of law I am thinking of taking another law course as my extra course. If I were to follow my brothers advise I would not study the statistics course because it is being chosen to fit a degree program template. I might not also take the extra legal studies course because I am only taking it to improve my average. But this isn't totally true as I am interested in the topic of the course and the topic is women, work and the law. And next term I could study feminism and the law and this would prepare me well for graduate school in legal studies. I am saying this as I face the fact that my statistics marks are not good enough for graduate school. Using the famous Peter principle I have risen to my highest level of incompetence as a teaching assistant. I don't think I should arise any higher in this work but instead move onto legal work. The law course also promises to be fun and and highly interesting in an intellectual way. This also keeps my courses to occur all on one day, it won't mess with my teaching assistant schedule and the time spent between classes and on campus is minimised. It is also simple in that I would only study law this term. I will return my statistics book tomorrow for a refund and change my course selection now on the school registration system.

Scored another A in a law course

The professor emailed me my exam score which he said was excellent 317/350 and combined with my essay grade I should be getting an 84% grade which means A at my school. I really wanted to celebrate. But did not really do that. I did not work much on school work today after about 5 am or so. So I put in about three hours general studies this morning. I also put in about half an hour reading something for my intelllectual property law course. So I have about 17 hours to go in September. For statistics I surfed the school web site and may go to one of my former TA's PhD. defence later this morning at 10:30 AM. I also want to pay off my mixer and bring it home later today. Today is my last pay day for my summer teaching assistant work. The A in public law means I could also be asked to TA that course this year. I may just stay up all night and sleep at noon tomorrow.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Completed another hour of statistical study yesterday.

I have completed another hour of statistic study by finishing the text of chapter one in Ross, Sheldon M. Introduction to Probability Models 8 ed. (New York: Academic, 2003). I solved the first twenty or so exercies in my head from the end of the first chapter. Thus I have about thirty three hours left to study out of class in September and about one hundred and fifty three hours left for the term out of class hours. I may start chapter two this morning.

Reading extra stuff this morning.

I was just reading about gender. I woke up trying to capitalise on the school feelings of yesterday. So I began studying. I read some very interesting stuff about gender in social situations. I read about tokenism and ascribed characteristics like gender, race, and age. I reflected on my use of these characteristics both at a BBQ on Saturday night and within the school workforce and my other work environments. I then read a relapse prevention model in a medical research book.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Watched the Cor-Al and the Singularity episodes yesterday of Stargate.

The court case episode was called Cor-Al.

The third episode I watched was called the Singularity. In that episode we see how SG-7 was all killed by biowarfare. I was slightly critical of the amount of stuff SG-7 had brought through the gate to the planet they were on. They had set up a large telecope and buildings and computer racks. They were there to observe a black hole. Also in this episode a young girl who has been in tramatic shock from all the death in the biowarfare, goes through the gate/worm hole no problem which means going through the gate is not such a difficult feat. This does not quite fit the physical effects of going through the gate that had been part of the story up till now.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Out of class hours for homework this fall term.

This school term coming up I have a third year course with three hours of lectures a week. I also have one hour lab per week for this course. So four hours total. Since it is a third year course the multiplier is three. Thus out of class time should be twelve hours a week. With thirteen weeks I need one hundred and fifty six hours out of class time. For September I need about three weeks worth of this or thirty six hours. I have so far this past week done one hour and then last week another hour. Since I want to have my out of class time for September done as soon as possible I count down from thirty six. September is three weeks of classes. Thus I now have thirty four hours left to study.

In my other course I have a three hour lecture per week. This will be most likely a two and a half hour lecture per week. Since this is a also a third year course the mutliplier is three. Thus out of class time should be seven and a half hours per week. With thirteen weeks this becomes ninety seven and a half hours out of class time for the course. I have put in five hours so far. Counting down September's hours which will be twenty two and a half hours, I have seventeen aand a half hours still to go. I have now read everything required for the third week. The first week has no assigned readings. I have not been able to locate the second week's reading and must buy the course's reading text for these. So my homework has begun for the fall term almost two weeks ago.

I watched two episodes of Stargate tonight and I might watch more.

I am more than half way through the first season.

The first episode I watched tonight was called Hathor or something. It was about a God who could seduce men. She proceeded to seduce the main characters. She almost got a Goa'uld worm inside Capitan O'Neil. The women of the base were able to defeat the God. This was because they were women. In the end the God got away through the Stargate.

The second episode involved law. Tilk was put on trial for a crime he did when under the service of Ra. He had murdered someone's father. The main characters tried to be his defence attorneys and almost proved that he was now a changed person. They showed how he had killed the weak so that the many could survive. But this was not enough. After an attack from Goa'uld soliders and Tilk doing his usual battle thereby saving even more people, the son of Tilk's victim forgave Tilk.

I have about 12 episodes to still watch in the first season.

I updated my school home page.

I haven't updated my school web page in four years. I wasn't working too hard on the web back then. I did some more of that four year old page today according to the plan I had four years ago. I also updated it a bit and made it a bit more neutral. Visit it here I should still make links from my home page list of school courses to calendar course descriptions but that might wait until another day.

I did some union volunteering this morning in preparation for the up coming school year. I have been listening to the CBC locked out workers radio on labourstart. You can listen too on iTunes at

My sleep plans are off schedule now.

I had planed on sleeping at 8 am yesterday morning and going out to a green party event, Thursday evening. I had to stay up and buy smokes though. I stayed up and went to school and took back about 8 books to the library. I also got a course outline for a music course. I also bought a used textbook for my stochastics course. I am now this morning going to start reviewing basic probability and statistics in this book. Also yesterday when I bought the smokes I paid a little more for our new PA mixer. I owe less than 200 dollars for it now. I slept at 3 PM Thursday and woke up at 1 AM this morning Friday morning.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My plans are becoming more solid for the fall term.

I am fairly sure I will study intellectual property law this term coming up. I will also study one statistics course namely stochastic processes and queuing theory. The books will be about 150$. I need to ask my father for book money now.

I met other TA's in our union at our summer meeting.

I attended the summer meeting of our union membership. I met TA's from China studying in chemistry. I met a new Law TA. I also met a geography TA. I talked with all these people for a few minutes each. I also met the usual union members and we chatted a little. I took minutes at the meeting and then we had a BBQ.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Studying intellectual property law.

I continued to study intellectual property law early Tuesday morning. I have about 22 hours left to my extra out of class studies for LAWS3202 for September. I read James Boyle and Richard A. Posner from the Daedalus journal Spring 2002 issue. I also read the beginnning of the Copyright Act.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I am really relaxed with the break in school work.

I am having a great time now that the summer term is ended. I am reading most of the day now. Our money is holding out not bad. I just have to report income today and will start to get to that this evening. I bumped into the president of the university today and joked with him a bit. I didn't know who he was at first and I was forward in a friendly way. I bought some on sale books and borrowed some books for my fall term course. I have two meetings tomorrow and a BBQ on Wednesday. I also volunteered ten hours today but was only on call and their were no calls. So I had yet another easy day. I took my laptop in for repairs and got some quotes on memory for the laptop which aren't too expensive and I can afford them perhaps.

I am just checking my schedule and applying for mathematics and statistics teaching assistant work again today.

I have just printed my tentative schedule. I leaning towards the stochastic processes course now. Based on this I will submit a TA schedule for the mathematics and statistics school today. I will have about a week to apply again with changes to my schedule. I have not yet heard about being hired as a legal studies TA but should hear about this soon. I have a career counselor appointment tomorrow and a union meeting Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I may got to campus today to use the library and take my laptop in to be looked at by the hardware repair services.

Most probably studying intellectual property law this fall but other than that not sure.

I am fairly sure I will study intellectual property law this fall but other than that course I am not sure what else I will study.

Jordon another statistics student who is now in grad school said the Time Series course is easy. I also agree with this and have the books borrowed to start studying this course.

I could chose to study state security and disent but this runs late Tuesday nights and the Intellectual property is early Tuesday morning. I could come home Tuesday afternoons. I also could take Women, Work and the Law on Tuesday's right after the intellectual property course but this would be 6 hours of lectures in a row.

I could also take a course in stochastic proceesssing and queuing theory and this course is a key course for future statistics studies. It could be difficult.

I had thought of taking it easy and studying a first year course in popular music but I don't take arts courses even with the best intentions to do so.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I did some volunteering today and tinkering with my computers.

I did some volunteering for a community group today. I also continued to study community networking. I just sanded the bathroom wall where I had put polyfila. I cleaned up some paper garbage too.

I also installed Windows 2000 successfully on my new laptop hard drive. I need to download about 20 drivers or more from IBM for Windows 2000 to work properly on the IBM Thinkpad. I can not download the drivers on the Macintosh, so I am going to boot up my server running Windows NT and see if I can download them to a zip disk. Then I will transfer them to the Thinkpad. This will also test the server running Windows NT and its USB connection because I am using a USB zip drive. I have never tried to get anything to work in the servers USB connections. I am at the moment copying the old My Documents folder from Windows XP to Windows 2000 using my USB hard drive on the Thinkpad.

My first finger on my left hand has been hurting since that three hour exam in public law. I basically wrote steady for 2.75 hours during that exam.

I spent another half hour this morning reading about IP law

I have about 24.5 hours left to study before the class begins September 13th. I read about some of the techniques used to further medical research v the claims of patent holders. This covered mostly European courts like Germany, Italy and Britain but also looked at the individual agressive tendency in the USA.

Continuing to read about intellectual property law.

I reread the section of William Cornish's lecture on patents and read further on medical patents. I have put in about 2 hours of a planned 27 hours pre-term study for the course LAWS3202 Intellectual Property Law. So I have 25 hours left to do before September 13th.

Recovery of the laptop!

It is only the screen that was broken on the laptop. But this is a key part. On Monday I will call IBM and see if they can fix it. I was able to connect the laptop to an external monitor and access everything and keep it working. I took the entire My Documents folder off using a USB hard drive of 20GB size. I am able to access all the word processing documents on the Macintosh computer. These are most of my key school documents. The only other documents that might be windows only are SAS program files. I may not need these too dearly this year as I may not study much in the way of statistics this year. I also took the email off the laptop be exporting it to Netscape and then copying this folder full of email to the Mac mail program. In the end I had just bought a new 60GB hard drive for the IBM laptop and installed it and tried to put on the operating systems WinXP and Debian. Both failed at this point. With the Debian though it is just a matter of getting X windows working.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Another Stargate Episode watched.

In this episode the play of Amercan military technology threads through the story. A peaceful alien is found who can heal people back from the dead and also become invisible. Apothus is encountered and the characters fight him. There really is no pacifist in the main characters as Daniel Jackson has conveniently been converted into a cold blooded killer in the TV show. Jack attempts to help the Noxx by offering them support against the Goa'uld. But the Noxx advanced technology aliens are not afraid and they are used to explore the theme of pacifism against aggression.

Reading a variety of books but concentrating on Internet studies.

I did some studies of the networked society by Manuel Castels in his book The Power of Identity. I also was reading some post studies to his epic study: The Information Age,whichThe Power of Identity is the second volume. I also read a basic Introduction to Time Series from an early edition of the Time Series course STAT4603 textbook. I borrowed a few books for the fall term yesterday. I was able to implement a back up process and have most of my files accessible again after my laptop broke down. I also just now after reading the newspapers for the past week or so read a statistical report on a study into substance abuse self help. I also read the beginning of an intellectual property law lecture and this covered patents.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My school machine broke last night.

My IBM Thinkpad T30 that had been my main school work machine for two years now is broken. I don't think I will be able to get it fixed. I have some back up CD's though. At the moment I have no windows computers. I was able to power up my Palm on the eMac and also hotsync it with the eMac. I am just going to find out if Neo Office will open my open office files from the back up CD.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Up early to review notes.

I am up at 4 AM today. I got a email back from a statistics professor about my grad school topic but he is not into biostatistics so could not comment. I am up early to review my public law notes. Actually they are the professor's notes with my own notes scribbled on top of his power point slides. But I will review these today. Then in the evening I will got out and play a role playing game.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Possible topic for graduate school in biostatistics

You may remember that I was keen on studying biostatistics a few weeks ago. Well this morning while taking a break from my public law course note review I picked up one of the books I borrowed on Biostatistics. This one is Chiang, Chin Long. An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Their Applications (Huntington, NY: Robert Krieger, 1980). My topic idea is this: Statistical Risk Models for the Geographic Diffusion of Pandemics.

I think video lectures are a bit problematic.

I am just reflecting on this summer course delivered by TV. It is a bit disconcerting synthisizing video, power point printouts, and books. I mean the books and the power point slides one can flip around in but the videos are hard to access and lenghty to review. I really don't understand why my dad thought video lectures were cheating. I told him this course was designed to be done by video. I just took three hours off to chat with some virtual friends at Yahoo. Now I am hitting the books again.

Finished 60 hours of lectures.

I did it. I finally watched all the lectures. I still have some reading to do though and the notes to review.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Lecture #21 again.

I got through the last half of lecture #21 before 10PM. Now I just need to watch the second half of lecture #22 and I am done. I still may get this done by midnight.

Gender studies.

I am reading this book Wharton, Amy S. The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research (Oxford: Blackwell, 2005). Many of these arugments I have come across in previous studies but this book collects them all in one place. I just read an evolutionary biologist on male violence in fact arguing that violence is mostly a male phenomena.

Lecture #21.

Before sleeping this morning at about 7 AM I watched the first half of lecture #21. I am will now start the second half and get this watched by 9 PM tonight. Then I just need to watch the second half of lecture #22. I hope to get this lecture #22 watched by 12 midnight.

I completed watching lecture #20 just now.

The remaining half of lecture # 20 concerned Andrews and the narrowing of the floodgates of the court. There were hundred and hundreds in fact 600 cases waiting before Andrews was decided. The court narrowed the concept of without discrimination to mean without harmful discrimination. But they also suggested that the grounds could be analogous to the particular grounds in section 15.

The court also and this is different from the US courts opened the legislation to more than harmful intentional purpose to include harmful but unintended effects. The example is height restrictions for firefighters or police officers where the intended effect is to have big people capable of doing the heavy work of these jobs but the unintended effect is too discriminate against women or maybe Asians where these groups of people might be through no fault of their own shorter generally. Thus the unintended effect is to discriminate against gender or ethnic origin.

Lecture #20 again.

I watched lecture #20 yesterday up to the break. Near the end of the first half of this lecture, while covering theories of equality vis a vie the position of these theories or slogans on the political spectrum, the professor reviews a concept. This concept will be on the exam and is basically about the Tocquevillian left and the difference between Alex de Tocqueville who loves conservative judges and the neo marxists who do not like conservative judges. The judges work through the Charter or the American Bill of Rights to put a brake on democracy which Tocqueville likes but the leftists say is anti-democractic and a illusion of justice.

I read the extract of Andrews v. Law Society of British Columbia.

This case Andrews v. Law Society of British Columbia [1989] 1. S.C.R. 143 aff'g. (1986), 27 D.L.R. (4th) 600 (B.C.C.A.), rev'g. (1985), 66 22 D.L.R. (4th) 9 (B.C.S.C.) really taught me a thing or two. I took the view that a British citizen in Canada is not at a disadvantage and thus no discrimination had occured. But now realise that any immigrant is disadvantaged and thus there was discrimination on this case. I also learned this idea of analogous grounds and the various steps concerning how one jumps around sections of the Charter to decided an equality case that involves section 15.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I did manage to watch the final lecture today.

I did watch the new material in the final lecture, today. I also watched the half hour exam review at the end of the final lecture and got the main points on the exam into my brain. I then copied the professor's power points slides concerning topics on the exam for the first 3 of 24 lectures. So I am about 1/8 done this copying. This so far is about 40 or so slides. This will give me one long power point slide show with only the exam topics.

I still need to watch about three lectures and I will start that now as the clock strikes midnight. I will try to completely watch one lecture then do one more 8th of the review power point then sleep at 4 or 6 AM. I might also read a chapter or two of the source book this Monday morning.

Lecture #24 exam review.

I got through the international dimensions of Quebec Seccession up to the break in lecture #24. Now starting the second half I see the professor has recorded a special summer session lecture as the second half of lecture #24. I will take a small break and then watch this second half of lecture #24.

Lecture #24.

I watched most of the new material parts of lecture #24 now. I suspect we will get to the end of the course by the time of the break in lecture #24. I hope I can get to the break by 6PM tonight. Then I will spend a few hours until about 9 PM with both exam review sections on lecture tapes #12 and #24. I just took about an hour break to talk with my dad and eat some food.

Stopped today's lecture viewing plan and watching lecture #24.

I decided to watch lectures #24 and #12 next to watch the professor do the two exam reviews. I will take notes and create a structure for the course material based on this exam review. I would also like to read chapters 8-10 of the second term source book before watching lecture #20 further. I am also going to read some cases now from the Supreme court.

Lecture #20.

I started to watch lecture #20. The beginning is about the abortion decisions of the late 1980's. I watched about 40 minutes of this lecture basically getting through the abortion decisions. This really still concerns judicial restraint and different ways of judges interpret legislation. The added dimension of extrinsic evidence is considered briefly in these cases.

Studying public law all day today.

I started to read this book last night before sleeping. Tamanaha, Brian Z. On the Rule of Law: History, Politics and Theory (New York: Cambridge, 2004). Today I will watch lectures #20, #11-#12 and #21-#22.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lecture #18.

I was able to complete watching lecture #18 now by 10:15 PM. I will not stay up much longer. I spent about two hours selling some computer parts for 18$.

Lecture #19.

I completed watching lecture #19 just now. This lecture's second half was about interpretation and in particular the interpretation of the term fundemental justice. This term can be interpreted as proceedural only or as both procedural and substantive. I will now complete watching lecture #18 before doing some shopping then watch lecture #20 tonight.

Lecture #18.

I watched the first half of lecture #18 and then about 20 minutes of the second half. I also watched about 15 minutes of the second half of lecture #19. I have already watched the first half of lecture #19. If I can completely watch these two lectures today and lecture #20 I will be happy. I would also like have chapters 7 and 8 read in the second term source book by the time I sleep later Sunday morning.

I am up early ready to study public law for five days now.

I slept a good 14 hours. I have checked that lecture #24 got recorded but did not watch it as it was broadcast. I started to watch lecture #24 eraly this morning and got through about the first fifteen minutes about 4 power point slides on the Quebec Sucession Reference 1998, August 20th. I will now continue to watch lecture #18.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Another contract completed.

Finally I am done the marking. All 8Q's are marked, the grades are recorded and emailed to the professor. I only have to go to school to drop off the assignments. I can then come home and watch my final lecture. If I was a drinker I would be drinking a 24 of brew tonight. Well you know what I mean right? I really like doing statistics.

I marked Q5 and Q6 and just have 2 Q's left to go.

I am now marking t test statistics. I did mark Q5 and Q6 two t test statistics problems. I have two more t test statistics problems to mark. I would like to get them done before 8 am and get the assignments back to school by 9 am this morning. I just took an hour off from this work. I emailed professor Mills about my in depth studies on common variables like gender and inequality. I also wrote a rough poem called Confessions of an Internet Junkie.

Just taking a break after marking Q5.

I am just taking a break now in the marking. I decided to stay up until after my lecture ends at 16:00 today. This decision gives priority to work and school over helping my neighbour and going out to the art gallery today with my wife. I need to plan this art gallery visit better. I am also under pressure since it is end of term.

I am going to plan the building of some PA cases.

I am not sure but I think building my own PA cases will be better. I know the basic fact, that building a plain wooden box is more difficult than it seems. I know from another techy that to build a rack mount one uses "angle iorn". I have some chip board from my last build which was mostly done by another techy friend. The last project was some shelfs for a super computer. I still have the selves but sold the super computer off.

Marked a few more Q4's and read a biostatistics article on prostate cancer nodal involvement.

I was able to complete the marking for Q4 now. I read an article that looked at ways of predicting nodal involvement in prostate cancer. This means a way of predicting this cancer's spread to near by lymph nodes. Thus avoiding surgery to find out if the cancer has spread. In this study N=53. Also in this study some analyses could not be done because of computation costs which these days would not effect these same analyses. This was the type of statistics professor Mill's has taught me so far. The article is Brown, Jr. Byron, W. M. Prediction Analyses For Binary Data in Miller, Jr, Rupert G., et al. Biostatistics Casebook (Toronto: John Wiley & Sons, 1980).

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I completed watching lecture #17 and started lecture #18.

The end of lecture #17 concerns rights. I finished lecture #17 now and started to watch lecture #18. I have not seen lecture #18 before because I was working the day it was broadcast. I watching the recording of it now. This is the Charter law section of the course and concerns judicial review on Charter grounds. There is a course this fall on the nature of rights but I think it is on Wednesday afternoons which is before my social night. There is also a course on justice theories on Wednesday mornings.

I have more marking to do.

I have marked Q's 1-4 now and have Q's 5-8 still to mark. I hope to mark them tonight. I will stay up late into the morning until the marking is done and then take the assignments into school early in the morning.

Still reading about gender.

I am still reading about gender from an individual perspective.

I got Manuel Castell's The Power of Identity volume II in his The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture. I have read about one hundred pages in volume I a few years ago. So the above are my sociology readings. I m also still reading about terrorism and in particular state terrorism at the moment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Marked Q1 but now have to watch a lecture

I got the first Q marked but now have to watch a lecture. The lecture starts in 10 minutes.

One more task accomplished one more contract completed.

I got the statistics test I was marking fully marked. This ends this contract with the school of mathematics and statistics. I now have to mark some assignments for the other course and I am done for the summer. My public law lecture is starting in two hours.

Almost done marking the test.

I have about a third of the tests fully marked. I have about 20 tests left to mark for only 1 Q. I am taking a little break to surf and do some accounting for our household budget.

I am busy marking statistics tests and assignments.

I have a fair amount of marking due today. I am almost done marking the test. In fact, I have only one question left to grade. I have for the other marking printed out some answers and need to mark 8 questions before 8 PM tonight. Between 9 AM this morning and 11:30 AM I need to watch a lecture on international public law. Mostly this is international public law in historical perspective and the situtation of Quebec succession in international law.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I got some more marking done but still have a ways to go.

I got another Q done on the test but have two left. This test should not take long. But the other marking may take longer.

Book on loan, in other words my present reading list.

These are some of the books I have on loan right now from our universities library
Chiang, Chin Long. An introduction to stochastic processes and their applications (Huntington, N.Y.: R. E. Krieger, 1980, c1968).
Glannon, Walter. Biomedical ethics (New York : Oxford University, 2005).
Hamadeh, Hisham K. & Afshari, Cynthia A. eds. Toxicogenomics : principles and applications (Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Liss, c2004).
Kebbede, Girma. Living with urban environmental health risks : the case of Ethiopia (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, c2004).
Miller, Jr., Rupert G. ed. Biostatistics casebook (New York: Wiley, c1980).
Ross, Sheldon M. Simulation (San Diego: Academic, c1997).
Smith, Graham. Deliberative democracy and the environment (London ; New York: Routledge, 2003).
Weinberger, Shmuel. Computers, rigidity, and moduli : the large-scale fractal geometry of Riemannian moduli space (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, c2005).
Wharton, Amy S. The sociology of gender : an introduction to theory and research (Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, 2005).

I got the minitab questions all marked now.

I am feeling fairly nervous or as I call it wired. I mark fairly intensely when I am like this so I try to not mark much like this. I am usually at past a 16 hour day when I feel this way. Food can bring me down out of this mental-physical state of being.

I read about addictions and writing. I read about GIS and GRASS. I also browsed some math books. I read more about gender in an individual framework.

I marked all the minitab questions. Now I just need to mark the textbook problems for this assignment. I will space out my marking with reading and watching lectures and sleep at about 12 noon or 1 PM or maybe 2 PM. I want to watch he remaining parts of lecture #17 before sleeping. I made my lecture viewing schedule for today already.

I completed watching lecture #15 and lecture #16

Lectures #15 and #16 covered administrative law. I have also read a couple of weeks ago chapters 4, 5, and 6 in the second term source which were about administrative law. So basically I have completed watching the part of the course that concerns the administrative law of Canada. I have lecture #17 cued up now. I will take a break from my public law course and read a little. Then I will mark a little. Then I will watch lecture #17. I have only to watch the second half of lecture #17. I spent about one and a half hours on public law just now. I need to spend about 2-3 hours a day watching lectures until my exam next Thursday. So I will try to spend another hour and a half today on this.

I am just completing the watching of lecture #15 now.

I am also most through lecture #15. I will then cue up the section of lecture #16 that I have not watched. After cueing it up I will mark the minitab homework for assignment #5. I am also helping a friend rewrite his resume this morning. After helping him I will watch lecture #16 and then after that I will watch a Stargate Episode. Then I will mark a couple of Q's on the other statistics course test.

Watching lecture #15 this morning.

I am watching lecture #15 which is the introduction to judical review of administrative actions.

I completed my last class room duties as a teaching assistant for the summer term last night.

I gave two labs and one tutorial last night. I now have to complete some marking and I am done for the summer term. I want to take my wife to the national art gallery this Friday and have dinner at a vegetarian restaurant to celebrate the end of another term of work.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I am watching lectures before going to work at school.

I seem to have watched lecture #11 before. I am thinking I will instead watch parts of the second term this afternoon. I started lecture #15 now. I will be going to work in my teaching assistant work in a few hours.

Comleted watching lecture #10 and started lecture #11.

I completed watching lecture #10 just after midnight. I have started watching lecture #11 now. I also watched lectures #5 and #9 yesterday. So I really have only lectures #11 and #12 to still watch in the first term. Like I said I have seen parts of these before but did not watch them carefully with the powerpoint slide in front of me to take notes the first time.

I got the statistics assignment graded.

I was able to complete the grading of the statistics assignment. I will give it back to the students tonight. It was pretty intense marking for about 4 hours. I have a simliar assignment to mark tomorrow. I also still need to mark three Q's on a statistics test by Wednesday. All this marking must be done by Wednesday.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I got to the break in lecture #10.

Lecture #10 covers the Meech lake accord. I watched this part now past the break. I have about three more power point slides to watch in lecture #10. Then I am on to lecture #11. I will not start lecture #11 until Monday morning. But I am going right back to lecture #10 now and complete it soon after midnight.

I watched another Stargate SG1 episode Fire and Water.

I relaxed watching a Stargate SG1 episode. It was episode #11 first season called Fire and Water. It concerned memory being manipulated. It also concerned an aquatic alien. The characters were tricked into thinking that Daniel Jackson had died in fire. By the end of the show they find him alive and bring him back through the stargate to earth. There is a little living underwater and a little memory probing of ancient earth history in Daniel's mind.

I marked another two Q's and watched more of lecture #10.

I got through another half hour of lecture #10. I hope to get through another half hour before 6 PM when I will make pizza. I want to get lectures #10 and #11 watched by midnight. I also got two of the textbook questions marked for my TA work. I hope to get this marking done today and also the other courses test marked a bit more today.

Getting through the first term lectures.

I have basically gotten through the first term up to lecture #10 now. I have seen some of lectures #11 and #12 so today I will hope to finish the first term´s lectures that is #10 and a brief review of lectures #11 and #12. This is mostly the Constitutional amendments part of the course

I will be studying today

I will be watching lectures today. I will also be marking statistics homework and tests.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I achieved my short term relaxation goals.

Yes, even relaxation is a goal to be achieved. I was able to watch some TV and also get some first aid studied. I am going to catch a bus to my first aid training in one hour.

I changed my course choices and cut courses now rather than later. I am fairly determined to graduate with a good average, so I will study only law courses this fall. Also I have chosen an evening class in something I am interested in studying. So my fall term courses will be an intellectual property law introduction and a course in state security and dissent. Both courses are on the same day of the week. One is in the morning and one is in the evening. This may or may not work well.

I will not study statistics this fall term after all. I even considered not working as a mathematics and statistics TA this term.

I will study more first aid before going out to training.

I did not get yesterday's marking done so will need to mark more over the weekend. I have been up almost 24 hours and have a 6 hour training session to go through now. I did get some niacin and will take 1 gram of it now. I will pack for travel now.

I was able to watch the tenth episode of Stargate SG1 season 1. This episode involved Tilk's family. The basic plot line is becoming apparent. Every step the team attempts to make forward is by the end of the show not achieved and instead some other goal is reached. In the Bloodlines episode I saw today, Tilk advances his son but the SG1 looses its chance to research a Goa'uld worm outside of a host. Daniel kills some larva in cold blood.

I am taking a break from all this school work.

I am going to surf the schools web site a bit then take a break and watch at least one episode of StarGate SG1 now. I also have some first aid studies to do before I take my break.

Wrote a letter to the editor or article on lost and found on the buses.

In response to a letter to the editor from Thursday's Ottawa Citizen, I wrote, last night, an email letter or article about loosing and finding things on the bus system.

I spent about 1 and a half hours studying public law.

To study public law this morning I cued up all the tapes to the points where I have not viewed them. I also watched a few slides worth of the lectures. I now must slog through these tapes and make notes.

Gave labs and a test last night.

I gave labs on hypothesis testing to a handful of students. The marking for this course will continue over the week for assignment #4 and I need to finish assignment #5 by Wednesday. Then I am done with this course.

I also gave a test to engineers and had some problems with them. I managed to mark the problem Q fairly and students only failed if they did no work. Students who did not have the problem of not knowing the formula for a binomial and got a perfect answer got perfect marks and students who had the problem but followed my in test instructions passed the question, if they showed the method to solve for an MLE properly. The problem was they did not know the formula for the bionomial but many of them knew how to solve for an MLE. I spent about 1 hour marking Q1 this MLE question. I now have two z confidence limits to calculate and one t test limit.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I marked all the minitab questions and just need to mark six text book questions and I am done with assignment #4.

I got some more marking done. I did not get the assignments totally marked. I have 6 Q's to mark over the weekend now. I am just getting ready to go to school tonight and give labs and a test. I will be at school for over 6 hours.

I watched the first half of lecture #22 as it was broadcast.

I was able to watch the first half of lecture #22 as it was broadcast. It concerns aboriginal title and aboriginal rights under the Charter s. 35 and in cases. The Sparrow test is covered and property rights are looked at to get at the concept of aboriginal title land rights.

I am watching my public law lecture today and marking statistics assignments

My public law lecture for today is at 1:30. I have to give some basic statistics labs tonight at 5 and 9 PM and I also have to give a test on confidence limits and hypothesis testing at 7 PM to engineers. I have an assignment to grade for the basic statistics course and will grade more of it this morning. I would like to get this grading done in the next three hours ideally.

I registered for courses for this coming school year.

I was able to get a spot in the Intellectual property law course. I also chose the fourth year environmental law course. These two for the fall term. I also chose stochastic processes and time series courses for the fall term. So now I will wait until September to drop two of these four courses. I chose statistical design of experiments in the winter term and statistical computing courses. I would like to keep these two but also chose feminist theories of law and corrections and human rights courses. I also chose contempary ethics in the philosophy department for the winter term. I will need to drop three courses in the winter term.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I watched the Torment of Tantalus episode #9 in the Stargate first season.

This episode covered perhaps the first use of the gate by the US military. An early film reviles to Daniel Jackson( a character in the TV show) that someone had gone through the stargate in the 1940's. That character Ernest Littlefield is found and they bring him back. They encounter a library or book with the combined knowledge of four alien races. They get back through the gate by powering the gate with lightening because they find the dial home device(DHD) broken and then lose it due to storm damage.

I have fourteen epsiodes to still watch in the first season.

Completed reading David Bell's An Introduction to Cybercultures.

I have now read all of Bell, David. An Introduction to Cybercultures (New York: Routledge, 2001).

Got chapters 4, 5 and 6 read now.

I was able to read chapters 4,5 and 6 in the second term source book. So I have all the administrative law required readings done now. Chapter 7 starts the Charter and human rights part of the course and I got that chapter started. I will need to read 6 more chapters in this source book chapters 7-12. I also have two chapters to read in the first source book.

I will register for fall/winter course in about 31.5 hours.

I am probably going to grab spots in both the policing course, the intellectual property course for my last law half credit course for the fall term. My present plan is that I will drop one of these courses and also study a statistics course this fall. So for statistics I will grab two or three courses and then pare this down to one course. In the winter term I will grab three statistics courses and one law course and maybe a philosophy course or sociology course.

I started to watch lecture #21.

I did not watch lecture #21 this morning but did record it. I am just watching it now overnight. But first I need to print the power point slides for lectures #21 and #22 so I can write down notes. I did watch the beginning of lecture #21 which covered slides from the end of lecture #20 about four slides.

I started to grade some minitab homework.

For the basic statistics course the students use minitab. I have started to grade their minitab homework concerning Z tests and t tests. I have Q1 and Q2 done now for all the assignments and I have six assignments graded for Q3 and Q4. There are 4 minitab questions.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Reading about environmental ethics and deliberative democracy.

I have been reading a little bit about environmental ethics tonight.

Scored well enough on my public law essay.

I did not quite do as well as I would have liked on my spring term public law essay but I got it back. It seems it was marked by a TA. I might be a legal studies TA this coming term.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Work should be quiet tonight and I will study.

I should be able to get a couple of chapters of reading from my public law sourcebook done tonight at work if it is quiet. I will bring both the first and second term sourcebooks to work.

I still have to watch lecture #5.

I now realise I have not seen lecture #5. I have for sure watched lectures #1-#4 and #6-#8 twice. I have watched lectures #9-#12 once. I have watched lectures #13-#14. Well next is lecture #5 to watch and record lecture #21 tomorrow morning. I will try to watch lecture #21 tomorrow as it airs.

I completed watching lecture #8.

Just this morning I completed watching lecture #8. I still should view lecture #5 but I can move on to lectures #9, #10, #11, #12, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, and #20.

I did a little Association of Internet Researchers study just now.

I did some internet researchers study just now. I read a bit about disabilities and blogging and I also read about ICT's and ICT's and disabilities at Gerald Goggin's blog ( ). I copied and pasted all my blog entries from and saved them as a local copy on my thinkpad.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Still watching lecture #8 and I am almost done with lecture #8.

Lecture number 8 concerns Federal powers and conflicts with the provinces. First looking at Judicial Committee of the Privy Council decisons then Supreme Court decisions. The lecture ends on the topic of Federal spending powers and that´s the part I still have to watch.

Set up Fedora Core 3 Linux on a friend's computer.

I was helping a friend with his computer and we decided to install Fedora core 3. It was very easy and not much of a problem. We did have some trouble downloading updates but once I learn to shut down up2date when it contacted slow servers and restart it so it could randomly picked faster servers we got it done. We watched TV while we did this.