Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reading "Coders at Work"

I read the first interview in two sittings in the book
Seibel, Peter. Coders at work: Reflections on the craft of programming. (New York: N.Y., Apress, 2009).
The first interview is with XEmacs and Netscape 1.0 mail reader programmer Jamie Zawinski. By reading in two sittings I could process his energy better and came to learn more from the interview on the second part of the reading.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Social Media and Society 2014 #SMSociety14 is a conference I am giving a poster at on privacy, and the Internet.

I managed to find the Social Media and Society conference that is taking place at the end of September in Toronto which is not far from me here in Ottawa. I also managed to find a coauthor and write up an abstract that will now be a poster at this conference. I am writing about the individual, privacy and the Internet and will present some theory about the individual and privacy along with one of the latest Supreme Court of Canada cases concerning search warrants and online privacy. The court has been very clear and made a solid statement about the expectations we can have about online privacy as long as we are not committing seriously harmful crimes.

Picking up blogging again.

I have been working at job daily for the past 8 years that requires confidentiality. So unlike being in school and being able to talk openly about my work and learning, I am these days a little more restricted. I will though try to take up blogging again.