Thursday, January 29, 2004

I spent about 15 minutes writing my paper last night then hours writing emails and chatting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My lecture went well, but I could barely keep quiet always raising my hand to answer or comment. The professor will help me with my paper which is about four or five pages long now and looking doable as the lawyers apparently say. We learned about the apellet courts accepting social science arguments today and covered some sociology, psychology and political science views of ecommerce or more generally the Internet.

I got some MATH TA work done today. I also talked for about ten minutes on the train with a fellow MATH statistics graduate from my graduating class. She is almost finshed her M.Sc. now. We talked about ethics in statistics work and of course some more basic shop talk.

I attended a community meeting after class and worked on some of that work when I got home.

This morning I am re-reading readings on the sociology, psychology and political sceince of cyberspace for my LAWS4204 lecture today. I am taking it slow through reading the personal jurisdiction cases in the middle of our case book. I should be finished these cases by Friday. I am still about two weeks ahead on the readings.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I got my first assigment back. I started reading about the developmentally delayed in an old book about semi-independent living. I also am reading a police chief's association book on private security. I also borrowed some books on GIS and also environmental remediation. I have a cold but I'll make it to class tomorrow. I also need to prepare a test for MATH1104 by Friday.

Monday, January 26, 2004

I finished my second assignment for LAWS3907 and will hand it in tonight. I should get my first one back tonight graded. I am learning a lot of laws. I am working on an ecommerce essay too. I am reading a lot. I am off to school in about half an hour.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I spent the last two hours configuring my PDA, my eMac and my cell phone.
I have to do some preparation for my two MATH tutorials tomorrow. I am not worried about doing the MATH1104 tutorial but the MATH1005 tutorial has me working tonight.
I am a little behind with LAWS3907 but am making steady progress. I need to go to the library tomorrow to work on statutes and jurisprudence.
I am doing fine with my LAWS4204 course. My paper is coming along and my lecture notes are good. I need to do some more reading notes but I should be ok for next week with maybe two hours work before next week's class.

Monday, January 19, 2004

I need to do my reading notes for this weeks assigned readings in LAWS4204.
I read the first chapter of this book last night: Rozovsky, Lorne E., & Inions, Noela J.. Canadian Health Information, 3rd ed. (Markham, On:, Buttersworth Canada Ltd., 2002). I am reading the second chapter tonight.
These are the books I looked at in the first two weeks of school regards medical law:
Fagan, Thomas J. & Ax, Robert K., eds.. Correctional Mental Health Handbook (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc., 2003).
McKelvey, Michael, & Bohnen, Linda. Ontario Health Legislation: An Annotated Guide (Aurora, On: Canada Law Book Inc., 1998).
Robertson, Gerald B.. Mental Disability and the Law in Canada 2nd ed. (Scarborough, ON: Thomson Canada Ltd., 1994).
Rozovsky, Lorne E.. The Canadian Patient's Book of Rights: A Consumer's Guide to Canadian Health Law (Toronto, ON: Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1994).
Rozovsky, Lorne E., & Inions, Noela J.. Canadian Health Information, 3rd ed. (Markham, On:, Buttersworth Canada Ltd., 2002).
Ruxton, Graeme D. & Colegrave, Nick. Experimental Design for the Life Sciences (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2003).
Schneider, Richard D.. Ontario Mental Health Statutes (Scarborough, On: Carswell, 1996).
Sharpe, Gilbert. The Law and Medicine in Canada, 2nd ed. (Toronto, On:, Buttersworth, 1987).
Williams, Christopher R. & Arrigo, Bruce A.. Law, Psychology and Justice, Chaos Theory and the New (Dis)order (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001).
This is the title and summary for my proposed research mid-term paper for LAWS4204:

Title: The legal relationships of cyberspace entities involved in ecommerce exchange.

This paper examines entities involved in the ecommerce environment of exchange of goods and services over the Internet using a model for cyberstudies proposed by ethnographer David Hakken. Using this model as a descriptive framework the entities are examined for their legal relationships to each other at the scales of measure suggested by Hakken's model. Where possible cases and statutes establishing law in the ecommerce environment, are shown to apply to the entities and their relations between each other. Where law has not been established between the entities or over the scale of analysis provided by the model, a general discussion of possible legal outcomes is attempted.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I completed my first assignment in LAWS3907 last night and have a printed copy of it done. I will print a back up copy today.

I got taken out of Math1009 and got reassigned to MATH 1005 on Thursday night. I found out about it Friday morning and just made it to school to give the first tutorial for MATH1005 at 9:30 in the morning. I also gave the MATH1104 tutorial later in the early afternoon. I have worked 1.5 hours on each of these two math courses now.

I have been refining my essay topic for LAWS4204. I will attempt to use David Hakken's model for the analysis of legal relationships in ecommerce.

I got a job to do a questionaire for a group I am involved with in the community.

I attended a public consultation and focus group on the cities budget.

Friday, January 16, 2004

I am almost done the first assignment in LAWS3907. I just need to double check the citations against the McGill Guide book. Then I need to spend another couple of hours in the library today researching medical law. Speaking of medical law I replentished my first aid kits with assorted bandaids. I also need to start the second assignment in the library today but there is no rush. I will try to do the bulk of that assignment on-line on the weekend. I have only one appointment this weekend for the Social Planning Council public consultations on Saturday morning.
I am finished attending the second week of school, except that today I must give a tutorial in Linear Algebra for MATH1104. I have prepared for the assigned questions. Everything seems ok.

I am worried now about my mid-term paper for LAWS4204. I have choosen to do something original for my topic. I want to look at community development using the Internet and somehow relate this to ecommerce. I have been reading about the formation of various Internet governance bodies involved in domain names and the root zone file.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

With my new USB floppy drive it will be possible to copy files to floppy at school and load them on a school machine and print them using the disabled student's resource centre in the library. Cool, I can now do last minute edits like after my proof readers read my final copies of essays.
I am reading the two math textbooks, I got this week for MATH1009 and MATH1104. I want to have the January readings for these course done this week.

I am reading a book on GIS and the Law by George Cho.

I read chapters 1,2 & 5 from Legal Research a Step- by Step Guide by Margaret Kerr. I also worked on my LAWS3907 homework earlier this morning. But I used the wrong law dictionary so will have to redo this on Monday afternoon before class.

I read the first two articles in chapter 9 of my LAWS4204 casebook today. This inspired me to phone my brother.

I got my Little SAS Book back from a fellow worker who was borrowing it.

I tried to use laylinalg with MAPLE 7 but failed to get it to work as a package.

I read a little moral philosophy a few days ago. I read about the Cynics.

I read a few of last weeks newspapers. That is the Ottawa Citizen, that I call a newspaper. It is one of my cities daylies.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I attended my LAWS4204 lecture but the professor had had a death in the family so the class did not happen. I did the planned work on the LAWS3907 assignment. I got half of the first parts: A,B, and C done with one law dictionary. I could not find the other half two expressions at all in three legal dictionaries and one private law dictionary. I did the required photocopying for this part of the assignment for the half I could answer. I also checked out a few books on medical law. These are:

Sneiderman, Barney & Irvine, John C. & Osborne. Philip H.. Canadian Medical Law: An Introduction for Physicians, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals 3rd ed. (Scarborough, ON:, Thomson Canada Ltd., 2003)

Rozovsky, Lorne E.. The Canadian Patient's Book of Rights: A Consumer's Guide to Canadian Health Law (Toronto, ON: Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1994)

Robertson, Gerald B.. Mental Disability and the Law in Canada 2nd ed. (Scarborough, Thomson Canada Ltd., 1994).

I did not look inside these books. I need to read these books a little. The one book I did borrow is:

R.Williams and Bruce A. Arrigo, Law, Psychology and Justice, Chaos Theory and the New (Dis)order (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001).

I have read the first few chapters of this book already this past fall, 2003.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I contacted both of my new bosses at school and am hoping to meet with them both tomorrow. I should also be able to pick up the contracts tomorrow. Tutorial work starts next week. I have the outline for one course and there are four tests in this course to work on marking and giving. So I know the possible dates of this work.

I started my LAWS3907 course yesterday. I attended the first class. About four of the guys from my LAWS4305 course are also taking LAWS3907 this term with me.

We got our first assignment due in 2 weeks on the Monday. I have done parts of it now and have started the word processing file for that assignment. The assignment involves proper citation for both footnotes/endnotes and bibliographies. Also we have some legal dictionary work to do in this assignment. I have not used a legal dictionary before so this is new work for me. The assignment also involves preliminary legal research, basically library work on a topic in legal studies. We need to brainstrom a topic (This I have done.), then pick one topic, find one source for this topic (This I have also done), then we need to spend a few hours in the library finding more sources then summarise these sources in terms of the scope they cover for our topic.

My topic is specifically the Judicary and capitalist health care but as it relates to the mental health field and mental disabilities. I will probably work with it a little more in general terms like Judges and capitalist health care. I will search out Acts or Statutes that cover health in Canada. I will also look into medical law. I have read some things on consent this past summer but I will broaden my scope in this paper due at the end of term.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I got home from work and went on-line. I found out I have been hired again as a teaching assistant in the math and stats department at Carleton.

I have been initially assigned to MATH 1009 section F with associate professor Wojciech Jaworski whose interest is analysis. The tutorial is #2 on Tuesday's from 16:00 to 17:00.

The other assignment is MATH1104 section E with assistant professor Benjamin Steinberg whose interests are semigroups, automata and groups. The tutorial is #2 on Friday's from 13:30 to 14:30.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

I studied some system safety literature on new years day. Last night we played cyberpunk This morning I read some of an article in the Essential Offender Assessment Handbook. It was about predicting violent behaviour in psych patients. I also read chapter 8 in my LAWS4204 casebook. I started a biblographic list in Open Office of the reading in this casebook. I might transfer this list as memo notes to the Palm. I might do that right now before work.

Friday, January 02, 2004

My deepest sorrows for the people of Bam, Iran. I had a dream of death the night of the earth quake. Too many people died there. I am really saddened by this disaster.