Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have been studying goal setting, project management and more SAS programming.

I have been reading more about goal setting and other self help topics. I also started to buy more SAS publishing books and reading these. I gave a book review at our local SAS user group last spring. I have taken to using a lot of SAS conference papers to learn new stuff. I also started to use loops in SAS by using SAS macros. I guess also in the last few years I have been exposed more to database programming and some SQL stuff. My understanding of logic is also very clear these days because I am using IF statements everyday. I still have a great deal of trouble passing logic courses in school though. I am working on a conference paper in statistics and in particular statistical computing. The paper is due at the end of summer and has only to be 6 pages long and a short 20 minute Power Point show. It will be published, so I am still being an academic, even though, I am not working in a school. I am studying project management from the Project Management Institutes' body of knowledge book. The self help learning includes areas of health and stress management and other personal developent topics and self care. Goal setting in my daily life seems to be a good way of getting stuff done and moving along.