Tuesday, July 19, 2005

School schedule 2005-2006.

I worked on picking courses for next year. I could have a two statistics course schedule this fall. I will wait on multivariant analysis until grad school. I might study time series this fall in statistics and/or stochastic processing and queuing theory. In law courses there are a few choices most fourth year course except for intellectual property which is a third year course. I considered studying the business enterprise frameworks course which would let me study corporate crime in the winter. For fourth year seminars this term coming up the fall term I have about 6 choices. There is a justice theories course, and a contraversies in rights course. There are courses in criminal law on sentencing, police, and aboriginals for the three criminal law courses. Then finally there is an environmental law course concerning groups and the environmental law making process. The courses I am keen on are the policing course and the intellectual property course but would also like the justice theories course and the environmental law course.

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