Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I think I started a flame war on Usenet

I was reading alt.support.schizophrenia and got mad at a few things. I ignored the first thing namely some guy who posts tens of posts a day about nothing. I replied to some posts and added some useful content. Then I read some story about a disAbled teen being misunderstood and kept in US jail after having trouble communicating at the border. While this injustice would make me mad it was really a characterization of disAbled people in jail as extremely violent that made me respond. I ended up cross posting, a no no. Oh well I did then get some positive feedback about a study plan. The plan is to spent less time on the Internet amongst other time wasters. So I quit my email and Usenet.

I should sleep now. I completed reading chapter 9 in the spring term source book and started chapter 10. This is for lectures #7 and #8.

I did give labs and gave advise to students for the mid-term. I also gave a test. I tried to relax the students more this time and they seemed to complete more work on the test. I need to mark these tests this week. I told my boss that computer crime has intersections for law and statistics. She said computer crime is interesting just like one statistics professor told me in an email about four years ago when she said computer tinkering is interesting.

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