Friday, July 22, 2005

I completed watching lecture #14 just now.

Ending with a summary of various government bodies and their functions and levels of functions and how they are controlled lecture #14 is now watched completely once. I have watched most of lecture #16 as well so am about a quarter of the way through viewing the second term's lectures now.

In terms of the professor's notes I have printed 20 of the 24 note sets and have reviewed lectures' notes #'s 1-9 carefully once. By the end of the week end I would like to have reviewed all the notes for the 20 lectures.

Of the 17 lectures broadcast so far I have about 6 watched sufficently with no more review needed. I have another 2 in the second term to watch plus today's which I will tape and watch later. And I have watched almost 4 completely twice in the first term with the rest watched a little or with distractions. I really need to start watching lectures #'s 5-10 carefully still.

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