Thursday, July 21, 2005

I received an email from Sheryl Hamilton.

I had emailed Sheryl Hamilton about her MA and why I found it to read in the sping. I corrected my reasons for finding her MA and choosing to read it, in yesterdays email and discussed my understanding of IP law and why I would find her course interesting. She emailed me back within one day and attached the course outline for LAWS3202 from last year. I read the basic rules in the outline carefully and then read the marking scheme carefully. These sections of the course outlines are often very similar from course to course in the law department. I did not read the weekly readings list that carefully but noted that the readings are all mostly recent writings and also that some come from Wired Magazine and involved Open Source stuff too. I also read her email carefully and replied to her on Wednesday after work. I am feeling relaxed studying overnight certainly academic work like studying is more relaxing than teaching and more relaxing than some of the other jobs I hold.

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