Sunday, July 24, 2005

I got Q5 marked by 11:30, and will be working on Q1 from 12 to 1 AM.

This marking I do gets done in increments. Thus these posts accounting my progress question by question were formerly written only in my private pen and ink journal. I have been keeping various pen and ink journals since high school. I have one agenda book from high school which was an Economist yearbook. I also have pen and ink journals these days back to about 1994 in some sort or another. Since about 2003 I have kept my pen and ink journal on notebook paper in a standard binder and store them in a binder now putting them out of the active binder every time they are three months old.

Well I have only one Q and that is Q1 a simple standard deviation, mean calculation, and a box plot drawing with calculations to grade. Once this has been graded I will total marks and record them and print the marks in hard copy. I will start on this final Q in about ten minutes and I think it won't take more than one hour.

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