Friday, May 20, 2005

My course is a 24 lecture course. Each lecture in this summer TV course is about 2.5 hours so the total lecture time for the course is about 60 hours. This is a second year course so really I would only have to spend double the amount of lecture time on the work. So I would need to spend 120 hours on the course besides watching the lectures. But I want to make sure I score an A- or better so I need about three times out of class time to class time ratio or 180/60 = 3. Given that I have done all the readings for the first five lectures I would guess I have put in about 10 hours at least so far. But this week I continued with more than required readings and started the recommended readings. I spent almost 2 hours on this this week mostly at the library. So I am at about 12 hours thus the ratio right now is 12/60 or .2 total. Leaving some 168 hours still to do. But since only one lecture has happened I am at a 12/2.5 = 4.8 ratio currently or good enough

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