Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Inspired by reading about GIS I downloaded the Grass open source GIS for the Mac and got it to work as per the spearfish tutorial. I stopped when I had an error. I then tried to install it under cygwin on the WinXP laptop I have. Cygwin setup could not install it so I made an ISO of cygwin grass and will attempt to install it now late in the day. I also borrowed a book from the school library that uses the spearfish tutorial.

I also borrowed a book on Silcon Valley North where I live. I searched at the library for books on development and computers but found nothing but documents that I can not borrow. I borrowed about three other books about cybercultures including one book on anarchy and computers.

I used the course reserves but did not read them for long. I had gotten excited when I borrowed them by a student from my data mining course and we explained our approches to the german credit card classifcation assignment. We both had done well with the course. I explained to him how spatial patterns show up in diagnostic techniques for linear models. I also read more about general linear models today.

I returned books on the feminist Supreme court judge, psychiatry and evidence based practices, XML and databases, and one other book.

I read more of Hogg today. I read Plato's the Republlic book 1, I read 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 in Reesor's book on constitutional law.

I prepared to study first aid and also CPR. I found out today's health and safety training has been canceled.

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