Friday, May 27, 2005

I am up late working on a web site and studying public law.

I just finished reading some critical studies of Internet economics where the author looked at drone economics or the free labour on the web or gift economy contributing to the ever more greedy business world and the capitialist web. The free stuff on the web keeps us surfing and eventually we buy something or at least pay for our Internet access.

I am just up earning a little above minimum wage doing some web linking to mapquest for our self help network. For each group in the network's web page I am making a link to mapquest based on the groups street address.

I am on call right now for my volunteer duties but it has been quiet for 6 hours now. I plan to sleep in about 3 hours. I might help with the newspapers a little.

I am working tomorrow from about 2 PM to 10 PM then I am going to stay up over night help a little with Saturday's papers if they are early then I will be going to another job for only four hours than I might check out a neighbourhood garage sale then come home and sleep at about 4 PM. So after the next 42 hours I will have worked at 4 jobs worked about 12 hours and earned about 130 dollars.

I have about an hour left to watch in my public law lecture which was recorded on Wednesday. I did not read any public law today. I did study Grass today and also computer ethics studies. I contacted Andrew Patrick at the National Research Council to see if he can help me research computer crime.

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