Sunday, May 22, 2005

I read more about the decision of the Judical Committee regards section 92 of the Constitution Act 1867. This was formerly called the British North America Act 1867. I am still on the readings for lecture 6 of the course.

I recorded Friday's lecture which was lecture #2. I have watched half of this lecture now. I will complete watching it this morning and check the course web site for details on our essay assignment.

From the first half of the lecture the important dates are the defeat of the French in 1759 with the battle for Quebec occuring on September 13th, 1759. But the date we must know is the date of the Treaty of Paris 1763. We also should know the date of the Royal Proclamation 1763. This act protected the Aboriginals from the greed of the Europeans and still matters in land claims law. Then the next date to know is the date of the Quebec Act 1774 which gave civil law or Roman law back to Quebec private law courts.

So all of this is 200 years old. The author Ressor covers this in his book in advanced high school level English. I scanned his book last week. I would like to read it still. I borrowed Hogg and will read him this morning.

The lecture so far have been a slightly more in depth version of LAWS1000 with perhaps meantion of different legal scholars and new cases meantioned that figure in public law.

I also read some of the Palmpilot book by David Pouge. I also started another paper in the Feminist Science Studies reader. I also read the school calendar and picked out possible undergaduate course to take in law, math and computer science.

On Friday I met new TA's and welcomed them to the union and informed them of some of their rights.

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