Thursday, May 12, 2005

I have been placed on the preliminary hires list for the summer term. I have been given three sections. I suspect two sections are labs but the third section maybe a tutorial. I will email the professors by the end of Friday and attend their offices next week.

I went to the library today at school. I printed out the reserve readings list for the public law course. I also checked again in the book store for used books for my course and bought a used book on writing from sources. This is scholarly writing guide book I used in my computer ethics course in Fall 2000. I had loaned my copy to a friend who had lost it. But no great cost besides not having for two years it cost me less than 6$ today. This is only the price of a few slices of pizza.

I also bought another course pack on SAS for STAT3503 a regression course I took in 1999. I also bought the course pack for law course in medical issues in criminal law which I may take next winter and considered taking this past winter.

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