Monday, March 03, 2008

This is bigger search task than I thought it would be. I am stopping for today.

I used the IEEE web site to search their journals for the term "Cognitive knowledge" and found about 6 articles. Then trying to search ACM I was given ProQuest. Here there were slightly over 600 articles for that term but I narrowed it to 354 when closing it down to scholarly journals only. There were too many articles in the list from nursing, psychiatry, physical education and some medicine. Next time I might limit which journals I search but actually for now and the other six terms I will keep it open. I then scanned the full list of 354 articles basically ignoring the above sort of medical mentioned journals. I exported everything selected after scan reading to RefWorks in the folder "Cognitive knowledge" and then made a bibliography in Chicago with notes style. I also downloaded a few articles right away. Two of the four I downloaded were for other research and not my paper or thesis but instead for my volunteering. I saved the other two in my paper's folder and then copied the paper's folder on the Macbook to a USB key that I carry around. I will print the bibliography this morning. So I did not yet get to Sage with the term "Cognitive knowledge". I am tired now and I mean to learn more about the bootstrap this morning before work and also bring some school SAS code to work for diagnostics. So print, read, and write some SAS code remain for today before work. I am on a 24 hour day today and it is now half over.

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