Sunday, March 30, 2008

It says I am borrowing 55 books now on the library web site. Here they are and I hope to clean this list up in the days to come.

Gerald Midgley, Systemic intervention : philosophy, methodology, and practice (New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum, 2000).

Paul P. Biemer, et al. Measurement errors in surveys (New York: Wiley, c1991).

Kathleen Conn. The Internet and the law : what educators need to know (Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2002).

Derek K. Hitchins. Advanced systems thinking, engineering, and management (Boston, Mass.: Artech House, 2003).

Gregory S. MacBeth. C# programmer's handbook (Berkeley, CA: Apress, 2004).

Joanna Phoenix and Sarah Oerton. Illicit and illegal : sex, regulation and social control (Portland, Or.: Willan, 2005).

Susan Leigh Star. ed. The cultures of computing (Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell, 1995).

Jane M. Watson. Statistical literacy at school : growth and goals ( Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum Associates, 2006).

Julian J. Faraway. Linear models with R

Christopher Z. Mooney, Robert D." Bootstrapping : a nonparametric approach to statistical inference 1993

Christopher Z. Mooney. Monte Carlo simulation 1997

Mark Sh. Levin. Composite systems decisions 2006

Jeffrey O. Grady. System requirement analysis

James N. Martin. Systems engineering guidebook : a process for developing systems and products

R : a statistical tool. 2003

John C. Nash, Neil Smith and Andy Adler." Audit and change analysis of spreadsheets 2003

John C. Nash and Tony K. Quon. Issues in teaching statistical thinking with spreadsheets 1996

Limiting errors in day-to-day calculation. 1985

Michael J. Crawley. The R book 2007

David W. DeLong. Lost knowledge : confronting the threat of an aging workforce 2004

edited by Georg von Krogh and Joh Managing knowledge : perspectives on cooperation and competition 1996

Dianne E.G. Dyck. "Occupational health & safety : theory, strategy & industry practice "2007

edited by Malin Sv Cyberfeminism in northern lights : digital media and gender in a Nordic context 2007

Brian N. Hilton, [editor]." Emerging spatial information systems and applications 2007

[edited by] Anne Minas. Gender basics : feminist perspectives on women and men 1993

Jacek Malczewski. GIS and multicriteria decision analysis 1999

edited by Thomas T. Barker. Perspectives on software documentation : inquiries and innovations 1991

Bob DuCharme. SGML CD 1998

P. Sprent. Data driven statistical methods 1998

William T. Vetterling ... [et al.]. Numerical recipes example book (FORTRAN)

Defending the earth : dialogue between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman ; introduction by David Levi

11 world Imperial ambitions : conversations on the post-911

Bringing knowledge back in : from social constructivism to social realism in the sociology of educatation
Brent Davis, Dennis Sumara, Rebecca Luce-Kaple" Engaging minds : changing teaching in complex times

edited by Bridget Somekh and Thomas A. S Knowledge production : research work in interesting times

Tara Brabazon. The University of Google : education in the (post) information age

Noam Chomsky. Language and problems of knowledge : the Managua lectures

Petra K. Kelly ; foreword "Thinking green! : essays on environmentalism, feminism, and nonviolence "

The elementary forms of the religious life. Translated from the French by Joseph Ward Swain.

"Primitive classification, by émile Durkheim and Marcel Mauss. Translated from the French and edited"

Emile Durkheim ... [et al.] ; edited by Kurt H. Wolff ; with ap Essays on sociology and philosophy

Manuel Castells. End of millennium

Patrick E. McKnight ... [et al.]. Missing data : a gentle introduction

by Emile Durkheim ; with an introduction by Lewis A. Coser ; tran The division of labor in society

Bruce Edmonds, Ces√°reo Hern√°ndez, K" "Social simulation : technologies, advances and new discoveries

edited by Brian Kahin and Dominique Foray. Advancing knowledge and the knowledge economy

Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam. Type & typography

Rob Carter, Ben Day, Philip Meggs." Typographic design : form and communication

Timothy Samara. Typography workbook : a real-world guide to using type in graphic design

by James Coleman and Don Willis. SGML as a framework for digital preservation and access

Brian E. Travis, Dale C. Waldt." The SGML implementation guide : a blueprint for SGML migration

Gina Smith, Karl" An integrated approach to family work for psychosis : a manual for family workers

Mich Improving substance abuse treatment : an introduction to the evidence-based practice movement

Paul Felton. The ten commandments of typography

Dan J. Stein, Naomi A. Fineberg." Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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