Saturday, March 22, 2008

I set up a personal study wiki to organise my research.

I researched knowledge in the field of education last night and ended up borrowing some Durkheim. I was pretty excited about all that. But I found this knowledge research not close enough to my topic. I did find a large book on social simulations that is definitely on topic for our program. The book covers a large number of different simulations and there is at least one on knowledge intensive workplaces.

After I uploaded all these books to, I read a thread in the graduate student group at about organising research. The thread had settled down to discussing the use of wiki's for notes. I got excited with that and then spent 8 hours installing wikimedia as a research took for my Macbook. But this web based tool will only be on my personal computers web page and not on the wider internet. This was also a goal to have web based tools that would not be open the web itself. So I have my first personal Intranet application now. I will also install a personal Drupal and make a nice home page and other pages in Dreamweaver.

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