Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tonight's goals.

I will plan my studies out tonight. I intend to read three chapters from InDesign CS2 for Dummies, one chapter of Adobe InDesign CS2 Classroom In A Book and use InDesign. Related to this I will also fix my resume and send it to work and write a draft for a cover letter for a job opening as web master at work. I will also finish the chapter I am reading in Cyberfeminism in Northern Lights and read one more chapter of that. I will also read three chapters of a health and safety at work handbook.

If I can get all this reading done by 1 AM or 3 AM I will then play an on-line role playing game and try to make 1 million game dollars by mining in space. Then I am off to work early in the morning Monday.

I will also plan to write two pages of my term project, my presentation slides for two weeks from now, and start more work on the thesis outline. I will also study for my mid term occuring in about two weeks from now

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