Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today is a full time study day again but I will sleep.

I have just been reading a basic numeracy book in French. I also have been memorising my school lecture slides for our mid-term this week. I want to catch up and really know these notes for the test. I have also sent an email to my future thesis supervisor about a paper I am submitting this week to the American Sociology Association 103rd annual conference. This year the theme is "the world of work." I am modeling a workplace in a computer simulation so this is good. This paper is an early problem definition phase paper where I will explore variables and boundaries. So today I will read more of Lost knowledge. I will also study some XHTML and HTML for a work place job I applied for. I will read the second chapter in the health and safety book.I will also read another paper on cyber feminism in the Nordic countries. I should also read some Rao on survey errors and some more about managing knowledge. Then to relax I will read Harry Potter in both French and English

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