Monday, February 18, 2008

All tasks not completed by 1 AM.

I am deciding to leave the tasks of reading the second chapters of books aside now. This means overnight now that I will read no more about health and safety. I will stop reading about cyberfeminism. I will not read the Dummies book at all. I will continue to read the chapter in the GIS book for our term project. I will read the Adobe InDesign CS 2 Classrooom in a Book but only finish the chapter I am reading or this task may be scrapped, as well as, the scrapping of other tasks as stated above. I will now focus more on writing and not drop any of the writing tasks. Already having read some of the GIS chapter, I have developed some ideas for writing our term project so should get to that soon. I still hope to stop all this studying by 3 AM and play an on-line game. I also hope to go into work early to work on job applications. Thus I need to start to prepare for work around 4:30 AM this morning not 5 AM as I usually have done these past four months. This means my made up on-line gaming reward is going to be cut short but I will still try for the in game goal of earning one million game dollars.

Going into work early or overnight now, I will work on my resume more and the cover letter for a job application coming up at work. The resume is near its third or fourth final proof read and correction. The cover letter still needs to be started. I am passing up on one job application that closes today.

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