Sunday, February 03, 2008

Reading John Nash's working papers

John Nash is a professor who is retiring from the university of Ottawa but is willing to supervise my thesis. I read these short working papers of John's Nash's now:

Nash, John C., Smith, Neil, and Adler, Andy. Audit and change analysis of spreadsheets (Ottawa : Faculty of Administration, University of Ottawa, 2003).
This concerns me at my workplace as I work with Excel spreadsheets at work and must verify numbers in these computer files when they are displayed on my workplace screen as spreadsheets. Because their tool is designed for Open Office and we do not have Open Office at work, I can not actually use the tool these authors created. But I did mean to try out there tool but after reading their paper find out they did not complete the project because they wanted to run the software from a server rather than on the worker's machine.
Nash, John C., Calof, Jonathan and Nash Mary M. Statistical process improvement, open-source software, and E-Commerce (Ottawa : Faculty of Administration, University of Ottawa, 2003).
Nash, John C. and Nash, Mary M. Issues in finding and managing duplicate or equivalent files (Ottawa : School of Management, University of Ottawa, 2006).

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