Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have finished a phase of research at work.

I was reading documents at work and extracting information from these. Mostly this was copy and paste and searching and finding. I know a lot more about my workplace now. This is really a human resources research topic in the world of work through the lens of knowledge management. I was having some heated arguments with my boss a noted and long time sociologist about concepts and definitions. I was hoping to write a preliminary paper exploring measures of knowledge but am not sure I have the freedom or material to write this now. May be I can rewrite the abstract or write something different. It would be nice and productive to write something towards my thesis but writing has to be based on research or at least theory. I was hoping this could be a background literature study where I would become aware of concepts in knowledge management. I am sort of torn now between background research and real research and wonder if the time is right to do this paper in the sociology of work. May be a little more political theory and less technical theory would work. I have until Saturday to submit my abstract.

I am now realising I could just document what I have done this month and add background summaries of our problem about the baby boom.

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