Saturday, June 18, 2005

Watching lectures

I watched the 9th lecture last night. This covered amendments to the constitution. I watched the first hour. Tomorrow while I sleep I will record lecture #10. I won't get back to these studies until Tuesday early morning. I may have some quiet time to read at work and so will take the Cheffin's and Johnson to work and our course source book to work with me.

I have also watched most of lecture #7. I have watched a good part of lecture #2 for the second time now. I hope to watch lecture #11 when it airs. But watching lectures is not as useful right now as doing my essay which means I need to be clear about exactly which lectures cover judicial review and also read more judicial review sources.

I know I'll cover the Oaks test and sketch that test out. I have about half an hour to do that tonight then I will rest my legal studies for the weekend.

I read the graduate school calendar for the graduate school regulations. So I know the rules generally for graduate school.

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