Friday, June 10, 2005

Reviewed two lecture tapes and copied them.

I now have complete lecture tapes for lectures broadcast to date. I have also viewed them all a little almost completely. There are still minutes I must watch so a second viewing will be called for for all tapes. Basically each lecture is 2 hours and twenty minutes. This means I have watched about 16 hours of lectures. I will need another 16 hours of time to view the lectures again to date. Plus I will need to watch another 5 lectures perhaps twice. This amounts to about 24 more hours plus the 16 would be 40 hours by July 1st. One problem is I am watching them after they have aired and recording them while they are being broadcast so get behind. I am basically caught up now and there is the 8th lecture tomorrow.

I am learning to read his power point slides as I watch the lectures. I need to return two tapes now 6 & 7 by Monday 8 am. But I have no work this weekend, no TA classroom duties, and very little active volunteering to do this weekend. I do have a 14 hour on call shift but that should be quiet. I also have a union meeting mid day Sunday and need to prepare a bit for that. I also have some marking of statistics assignments to do but am started that and it should take no more than three more hours to do that marking.

I also have my paper to start writing and the recent lectures are covering our essay topic so things are going well with that again. I have read almost all the required sources now and done a little thinking about the topic as I watched the lectures.

I am working on a linux computer install right now and may be going to help deliver the newspapers.

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