Sunday, June 12, 2005

Public law studies continuing today.

I don't know why I am studying Canadian public law other than it is required course in my BA degree. I am interested in politics and this course is certainly about politics and the law. I completed watching lecture #1 a second time. I am now going to at least start the second viewing of lecture #2. I have also completed reading Hogg for lecture 2. I have also been reading Cheffins and Johnson and have added some of their text to my essay on Judicial Review. I learned more about my topic this morning. I now have 200 words in my term paper. I have another 1800 words to complete. I need to reference the McGill style guide for legal writting to see how to include extensive quote in footnotes. I believe professor Jaekl wants us to use longer footnotes to keep our word length down in the paper itself yet still allow us to go on at length.

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