Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just got to the break in lecture 12 and my other studies continue.

I plan to catch up on lecture viewing over the study break. I managed to get through the first half of lecture #12 now. This concerns the Supreme court ruling on secession from Canada of Quebec. Mostly the first half of this lecture is about the courts ruling on a unilateral declaration of indepedence.

Last night I read about Silicon Valley North and success characteristics of a silicon valley. I also read some stuff about scientists critiquing their own fields from a feminist perspective. Speaking of my own field of science I have some statistics tests to grade this evening and I graded one question on the poisson process last night for all the tests. I also have gotten the respect of another student of data mining by telling him that I know a little Russian, Finnish, German and Estonian. He is studying Japanese this summer and values other language abilities. I have been talking to him all spring term in the library whenever we meet and also I bumped into him at an academic bookstore downtown once this spring term.

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