Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Printing lecture power point slides

I am printing the first 6 lecture's slides from my public law course. I am printing them two slides per page and double sided so it takes one piece of paper to print four slides. I have almost completed viewing the 4th lecture. The fifth lecture will be broadcast today at 9 am. I will be asleep and tape it. I will watch it on Thursday morning and then next Tuesday. I will also record Friday's lecture and watch that on Tuesday next week.

Next Wednesday I am taking part in a recovery forum at a local social service centre. This will be part of my board duties. I will also display a work of art at this forum for sale. The work is a ready made and I will price it at 250$. It is titled Vintage Keyboard. Then on Thursday and Friday I will train in ASSIST suicide intervention. I will then have Saturday off of working except for the newspaper delivery help I do. Then on Sunday the 12th we have a union meeting at noon.

Speaking of union activity I will have a health and safety meeting next Wednesday at 9 am at school. This is for my health and safety representitive duties. We have our summer retreat for this local coming up in June possibly on the 21st.

I have been reading at a slightly slower pace this past week and am increasing my reading this week. I may have spent about three hours now working on the public law course and since the last time I accounted for this I have spent about 5 more hours. I have had about 10 hours of lectures now and put in about 23 hours out of class time including required readings, extra recommended readings and also talking or listening to the professor in his office hours. So I am at 23/60 or about .37:1 hours out of class to in class for the total course. For the present time in the course schedule I am at about 2.3/1 so slightly better than recommended by the simple year:class time ratio.

The spring term paper topic is available now and I have printed the main sources for this term paper.

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