Saturday, March 28, 2009

Progress with spring paper: I can read by 21 rows now and have all the population data into 18 datasets

I have now read all my data into 18 age band data sets and just need to now join these 18 data sets and then split these every 21*23 rows into 228 data sets and then again split this into 23 yearly tables. So the end result should be 227 countries and one world data sets with population for both genders and population for each of male and female by 17 age bands and total all ages, and 23 yearly tables for each country.

This is giving me an idea for the analysis. This idea is to use the 18 data sets and call these the age band data sets(18). Then I want to have 227 country and one world data sets and call these the country data sets(228). Then also have 23 data sets for years and call these the years data sets(23). Then I will work comparing these data sets for my populations analysis.

In fact, rather than join these data sets I have now, the age band data sets to get the other data sets, I should instead simply read in the data for each data set. So my next reading in will be for the 227 countries and one world data sets. Then the third step will be to read in the data into years data sets.

I also need to start looking at a data source for finding the top three industries in each of the 228 countries. May be one google search like I did to find the population data will work.

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