Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting books and papers organized: Shelves I use for books.

We have a coffee table with six shelves in our living room. I am dedicating one shelf now for my thesis literature. The shelf under that is for statistics and Internet studies books. One shelf is for remotes, another for phone books, another for non paper items and then one for my partner's books and journals. I also have numerous shelves around the apartment for other subjects like the ones in the dinning area for, music, engineering, fine art, poetry and drama, science fiction, TV and film, social sciences, radical books, classic literature, philosophy and religion, and geography. In the office are shelves for computer books, nature books, hard science books, political science and peace literature, math books, two shelves for statistics books and notes, a shelf for storing cables and connectors and other loose computer stuff. Another shelf is used just for camera stuff. Four shelves are used to store computer parts, and one CD cabinet is used to store disks, I have shelves for personal papers including one for bills and two shelves with magazine boxes to organize school notes and other papers. I have shelves in there for classic games like chess and GO. I have a shelf for Internet studies and guides. I have shelf for cyberpunk fiction. Plus I have a rolling file cabinet where old agenda books, school admin papers and pens and other miscellaneous stuff is kept. I have four shelves for bankers boxes of old school notes, magazines and old bills and old school calendars. Plus I have a shelf where I store old journals and old daily accounts. All in all most of the stuff has a place to go and be put away.

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