Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have started using Inference for R software and can code with this documentation software now.

I was offered a chance to test out Inference for R. This software it seems interfaces R with Microsoft Office. I have so far used it in both Word and Excel. Because it is an interface it is faster than copying and pasting code into the R command line window and also is faster because when you change code and run that changed code as in debugging you do not lose the code typed on the command line. I had in the past changed my code on the command line and would have to copy my successful code back to my text editor to keep a record of what I was doing.

One big problem for Inference for R is that it is only available on one platform. I am having to move back to the Windows world of computers because of statistics software like Inference for R, SAS and Excel and also because of the game Eve Online which is mostly a windows based game.

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