Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was unable to import the data in R or in SAS so I am working in Excel.

I was unable so far to import the world population data into R or into SAS. I was trying to do this to allow me to automate the finding process for baby booms. Instead, I am doing the discovery with my eyes using the highlighted column created with conditional formatting in Excel. I wrote about this conditional formatting in my last post. I started with the last country in the Z's and am now on the T's. I have about 270,000 records and am now at about 200,000 records so am about 1/4 done so this will be possible in Excel. I am making a separate worksheet for each country that shows a suspected boom and then copying and pasting the tables from 1996 to 2050 for each suspect country into its own worksheet. So then I can save each work sheet as a csv text file for one country at a time. Then I can try to import one country's data at a time into a more sophisticated statistical analysis software. That will be my next step when this discovery step is completed.

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