Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New University of Ottawa web site/page.

I attended my graduate school fall orientation session and was introduced to some computers and got a new account and opened a new web page here at


Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing what your background was when you were accepted to syst. science at uni ottawa? (maybe your gpa?) I applied for fall admission and it's my top choice. Feeling a bit nervous!

Peter said...

I had a weak math degree with all the prerequisites. Some great marks but most of my prerec's were about C+. I had a course more advanced than a prerec with a D so they made me repeat the undergrad course first back in 2006 fall. I scored A+ in that.
Then I have a second BA with high honours B average B+ core courses. This second degree is what they based their admission decision on. I am doing fine in the program grade wise and I am working full time based on my math degree field.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Maybe I have hope. I have poor grades in prereq courses (but I feel I could do well on them now), a BSc (hons) and probably a B+ overall avg. Not so strong.

Your blog provides a good idea of what I can expect if I'm a successful candidate, so thank you also for making this public.

Good luck with your studies!