Sunday, September 30, 2007

I started to study facebook development.

I started to study facebook application development because I have an idea for a facebook application. I have downloaded three API's namely: Perl, Java, and PHP 4 & 5. I am not sure what these are. I started to read about Facebook Query Language (FQL) and can understand this based on my use of queries in Arcview. I also understand the way these data structures are referenced or searched based on my knowledge of R data frames. So this is moving along just fine and could look good for a Computer Science position (CS-01) employment application at my workplace, if I can make at least one functioning facebook application.

Speaking of workplace employment applications and my career I have one interview and test to study for this week at my workplace. Later in November I have three government tests to write and one is for my present workplace and the other two would have me working at new workplaces but still would be government jobs. I am going forward with hope.

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