Friday, September 14, 2007

I was reading about the film The Matrix a lot this summer.

I kept rereading the Sidney Eve Matrix book this summer, Matrix studied various pop culture references to cyberspace including the film The Matrix if that is not too confusing to read. Did Sidney Eve Matrix change her/his name? Did Matrix really study cyber culture? No instead the study was of film mostly except for the video game Tomb Raider. Otherwise it was TV adds for Apple Computer and films like the Matrix and science fiction. I have now lost my borrowing rights at Carleton for my alumni card so had to return the book. But I did reread the section on the film The Matrix quite a bit. I still have not watched all three films of The Matrix.

Last night I watched Kill Switch again. This is episode 11 in the fifth season of the X-Files and I was reminded of uploading ones consciousness to the net and compared this in my mind to facebook profiles. I saw this episode in 1998 just before becoming involved in legal studies. Even in those days I studied the law and the Internet.

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