Sunday, August 12, 2007

The paper is completed and the final graphics test is done.

I tested the graphics one more time in Second Life on Saturday between 5 PM EST and 7 PM EST. I also met in-world some other presenters as they also tested the room and delivery techniques. I then waited a bit and did some other computer tasks like talking with my father using Skype where I introduced him to chat for the first time in his life which he called his first texting. I then wrote the final draft of the paper and edited it a bit with a little more proof reading.

The remaining task before the conference is to prepare some note cards of the text of my paper that include the proper copy and paste breaks. I learned that I will copy and paste my text into a chat window in Second Life. The best way to do this I found was to have the paper already inside Second Life by putting it into a note card. I still must prepare this note card before sleeping today at say 6 AM. The final draft was sent to the conference organizers at 1 AM EST.

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