Monday, August 06, 2007

I put in another hour and a half work on the paper, and graphics, as well as, writings are happening.

I have a good bibliography now. This includes all the papers I have consulted so far. I now need to check the bibliography against my legal style guide or better would be to learn the ASA style quickly and apply it to this paper. That would be ideal. I still have to read most of the papers carefully.

I now have seven hypothetical exposures written down. I also have some sketched out graphics for these to show who or what is exposed and the levels of exposure possible or not. Having drawn the graphics with pen and ink I now needed a tool for doing computer drawings. I tried Microsoft Word art about a week ago, and it was not great. Then after having an idea of all the graphics I will need, I looked for software for drawing on my eMac. I tried Illustrator but that did not work well, as I don't know enough about Illustrator. In the end I have my figure 1., a basic network in facebook drawn with Adobe Page Maker and it looks fine and produces a 1 page pdf of the figure. Now my next step will be finding a way of including the figure in the paper or having the graphics separate. I will need seven more graphics at least for the second section for the analysis where I sketch out the networks for each hypothesis. I need to stop here and think about the process of using Adobe Page Maker. Some graphics get hidden behind text boxes and then can no longer be adjusted. So one step to take for the other seven graphics will be to do all the geometric symbols first. Thus draw first, then write labels. I can also copy and paste the legend maybe, but there will also be a graphic symbol for areas of exposure in the seven diagrams, so copying and pasting my first legend would be a mistake. I will think a bit more about the processes and then make some solid sketches before going ahead. Apparently network diagrams were rumoured to have been drawn on napkins or envelopes for the original design of the Internet. I will need seven figures for the seven hypotheses. I am keeping my drawings and models very simple for display reasons. Also the learner will find understanding not elitist.

Steps for writing about these hypotheses are, first identify, describe (the network structures/models in figures), explore the ethics that seem involved in each case, and then finally ponder the legal possibilities in each case.

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