Monday, August 06, 2007

I planned for 18 hours this weekend and have done about 6.5 hours now.

I planned to work 6 hours per day on this long weekend until my paper was done. I have worked about 2 hours per day and 3 hours today. I also planned about 2 hours on Friday which did not happen. So far I have downloaded some pdf articles of professor Wellmans's and read a chapter in a book by him. I have also read parts of another book mentioned before on gift giving and started the three ACM articles and have those printed out.

I am going to develop 7 hypothetical exposures to privacy and have the first and second identified now. I need five more now. I will today find those five and also read the three articles from the ACM and the book chapter on gift giving. Then I will write more and then sleep on everything and work a little in the morning before work. I should also spend half an hour studying survey processes for work.

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