Monday, August 06, 2007

I finished one ACM paper and started to read a second.

I read all, of the empirical study into privacy exposure of Carnegie Melon Students who used facebook in 2005, now. I need to read parts of it with more care tomorrow or Wednesday morning. Below is a bit of a summary and some ideas on how I will use their paper. Here is the citation for this paper:
Ralph Gross & Alessandro Acquisti & H. John Heinz, III. Information revelation and privacy in online social networks in Workshop On Privacy In The Electronic Society Proceedings of the 2005 ACM workshop on Privacy in the electronic society (New York, N.Y.: ACM, 2005) at 71–80.
The paper is critical of social networking models. It uses facebook search features to gather data. It assumes the worst crimes such as identity theft and stalking. The authors do realise that they are generating hypotheses as I am in my paper. I think the other side of my paper "closer nodes" might counter balance this fear mongering. But definitely the authors have made a great start of this type of study. They, I think are weak on law and philosophy, so I can add something from those fields. They focus on what's exposed and I think I will use their work to suggest these exposed facts about persons without exploring these aspects deeply. I think the next ACM paper from a year later in 2006 might be more about the "closer nodes" side of my paper.

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