Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I attended two lectures this week and have a third to attend today.

I have attended all lectures so far this week and for the month of January it looks like I will only have missed one class and that was last Wednesday's applied probability class where we studied conditional expectations. I know much of this material in applied probability but can not remember it all clearly.

We have our first assignment now due on February 12th. This morning I solve one problem but would like to add a little more theory to it as practice for lecturing problems. I type set it in LaTeX and it is ready to go.

I am now getting ready to start our term paper and will start with some writing and have borrowed some books for labour market studies, game theory and game theory in economics.

I am also connnecting my independent biology studies with the economic systems design course through Kaufman and the able guidance of our professor. I am thinking of posting an up to date reading list here for my ecology studies but right now am getting ready for work today, managing some household budget items and also doing some of my part time web publishing work. I am preparing for a web publishing meeting tomorrow after work. I feel very good and and rested one hour but today will be a 36 hour day in the end.

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