Saturday, January 13, 2007

Chapter 10 now read of Beinhocker. Progressing a lot with my economic systems design course.

Chapter ten explores the prisoner's dilemma and was this past week's reading assignment for our first lecture. I read most of this chapter the previous weekend and week and read the final few pages last night. Now assigned for lecture number two is Beinhocker's chapter 4 and 9. I have read chapter 4 so should just review this chapter. So really I need to read chapter 9.

For Bowles this past week chapter 1 was assigned and I read this before the next year so again I had that read on time for this week's past lecture. For this coming week from Bowles we are assigned chapter 2. I have started chapter 2 but need to finish it before Tuesday.

Also for this past week I need to read about half of the remaining lecture notes the professor did not cover in the actual lecture this past Tuesday.

In the extra suggested readings I have read chapter 1 now of Axelrod's The Complexity of Cooperation. Axelrod is the researcher who figured out strategies for the prisoner dilemma first by having experts and others submit best strategies which he then tested in a series of games on the computer. He then made an experiment of using a genetic alogithum and simulated evolution in the prisoners dilemma game to find the best strategy. He did not find one best strategy but found some generalisations. Beinhocker covers this experiment in his book.

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