Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I am starting to write literature review sections.

I have the most reading done on knowledge loss in firms. So from this in brain reading I started the section of the literature review covering knowledge loss. I frame it as three issues, safety, cost of production, and intellectual capital. I am trying to construct ordinary academic writing that is at heart simple clear and not too articulate. I do not want to use the nuances of the social sciences in this thesis. I want to in effect use a style that is almost a lifting of structure but in effect I am seeking common structures of academic writing and even just a standard English prose. I will have plenty of fun and more original and arcane structure, when I start to document the computer systems and systems modeling. This, the results and methods sections, will also likely be that more difficult and most likely a very unclear part of the thesis.

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Peter said...

I started to write this literature review with Wine LaTeX on my Dell Mini 8 in a night club while waiting for my friend's band to start playing their regular gig.