Friday, April 10, 2009

I joined the International Association for Statistical Computing.

Here is the mission statement of the International Association for Statistical Computing.

It is the mission of the IASC to link traditional statistical methodology, modern computer technology, and the knowledge of domain experts in order to convert data into information and knowledge.

Statistical Computing is meant here in its broad sense as Statistics in the Communication and Computer Age and it contains a rich variety of research topics in almost every branch of statistical inquiry.

The topics focused on by the IASC include computational statistics, statistical software, exploratory data analysis, data mining, pattern recognition, statistical graphics and data visualisation, statistical data bases, and related fields.

The IASC works to share and advance methods and techniques related to these topics by facilitating the exchange of information and by stimulating evaluations, research, and development in all areas of statistical computing. It is the aim of the IASC to foster world-wide interest in effective statistical computing and to exchange technical knowledge between researchers world-wide.

IASC promotes collaborative efforts within international, national, regional and other organizations and institutions having similar aims.

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