Sunday, April 06, 2008

One paper read today on knowledge workers turns out to be a useful critique of the concept of knowledge workers.

Here is the cite for the paper I read today
Collins, David. Knowledge Work Or Working Knowledge?
Ambiguity and Confusion in the Analysis of the “Knowledge Age”.
Employee Relations 19, 1. 1997.
I read this and it was a sweeping critique of post industrial muddled thinking concerning the term: "knowledge workers". I have used it in the opening of my paper now.

I intend to continue my searching of the seven types of knowledge thought to make up operational knowledge.

This searching method is to take each two word term and place an and operator between the words and then scan the first 100 papers or citations returned to pick out possible references. Then adding these selected citations to a RefWorks folder named after the knowledge type. Then a biography of the selected references is created. Then this is again scan read and anything still thought to be relevant is then searched out, printed, and read. I have only read the one paper as of today.

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